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"I hope you learned a lesson about paying attention and taking your time."
"I sure did! And I bet I learned it faster than any of the other Heroes!
Preston Stormer and Rocka, Breakout

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Daniel Rocka
Hero 2.0
Savage Planet TV Rocka 2.0.png
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team, Rookie 1 division
Weapons Multi-Tool Ice Shield
Hero 3.0
Jungle Rocka.png
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team, Rookie 1 division
Weapons Claw
Comic Breakout Rocka.png
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team, Rookie 1 division; Hero Recon Team
Weapons Crossbow, energy shield
Status Functional

Rocka is a young rookie Hero, and the newest member of the Alpha 1 Team; he is also a member of the covert Hero Recon Team.



Rocka was built in the Assembly Tower using the most up-to-date parts and the most advanced technology. His design was based off of William Furno, in the hopes of producing another successful and powerful rookie. After his creation, Rocka began spending large amounts of time in the Training Sphere, completing over 100 missions in it. He also became friends with the Alpha 1 Team, and eventually joined their Rookie 1 division.

Rocka flying to Quatros

Savage Planet

While Rocka was speaking with Professor Zib on his way back to the Hero Factory, after another successful mission, the Factory received a distress call from Professor Aldous Witch on the planet Quatros. Rocka was nearby, so he was volunteered to go assist him; Zib instructed him to wait for backup, but Rocka disregarded the orders, and communication was soon disrupted between them due to something on Quatros. Upon arriving, Rocka was attacked by a Fangz hound, though the beast quickly abandoned the fight. Tailing the hound, he discovered that the distress call was a trap, and Professor Witch, now Witch Doctor, sent two more hounds to assault him.

Five other members of the Alpha 1 Team, Preston Stormer, William Furno, Julius Nex, Dunkan Bulk, and Jimi Stringer were given new armor, weapons, and abilities in order to endure the jungle environment, and set out to recover their teammate. The team arrived on Quatros and discovered the wounded Rocka, as well as Witch Doctor and his animal slaves. Rocka was healed by Nex and outfitted with new lion armor, choosing the animal because of the gold motif matching his previous armor. During the voyage to confront the Witch Doctor, Rocka continually clashed with Furno, who perceived the rookie to be too headstrong.

Rocka XL

When the group encountered a teleportation bridge capable of letting three of them cross to where the Witch Doctor was, Stormer assigned Rocka and Furno each to lead a three man cell, one using the bridge and one traversing the jungle. Rocka led Stormer and Bulk, though the teleporting accidentally rearranged them in a smaller form. They were able to elude several Fangz before Rocka and Bulk were captured by the Witch Doctor. The two were eventually rescued by Furno's unit, and restored to size when they recharged the bridge. Furno devised a method for Rocka to be able to beat the Witch Doctor, using ancient armor pieces found in the temple to increase the rookie's size and strength. Witch Doctor engaged the rookie in a fight and eventually gained the upper hand, but his Skull Staff was taken by Stormer and broken, eliminating his source of power. Furno worked with Bulk to return Witch's stolen supply of Quaza to the planet, preventing it from exploding and saving them all. Witch arrested, the team returned to their ships to travel back to the Hero Factory; several grateful Fangz hounds also came to see them off, displaying affection towards Rocka.


Rocka received a new set of armor before a mission to capture the villain Voltix, which Rocka and Furno were able to perform successfully. However, when delivering Voltix to the villain containment area of the Hero Factory, the villain revealed that he had let himself be captured, and triggered the Black Hole Orb Staff to generate a black hole that allowed all the captured villains to escape in a mass breakout. The rest of Alpha 1 Team received new sets of armor as well, in order to track down the escaped villains on solo missions. Rocka was secretly tasked with protecting the Black Hole Orb Staff, though his refusal to go on a mission attracted the attention of Professor Zib.

Once the rest of the Heroes had been dispatched, the villain Black Phantom took over the Hero Factory with the help of his Arachnix, activating the building's failsafe shield to ensure that no Heroes could come to the rescue. Using his knowledge as a member of the Recon Team, Rocka was able to stay in contact with Professor Zib over a secret frequency, and began traveling to Akiyama Makuro's office, where he knew he could disable the failsafe shield.

While attempting to reach the office through an elevator shaft, Rocka was spotted by Black Phantom, who sent his Arachnix to stop Rocka. Despite being overwhelmed by the self replicating drone, Rocka managed break free and reach the office door, which was locked with a puzzle switch. Rocka eventually rearranged the puzzle switch into the shape of Hero Factory's insignia, allowing him into the room to deactivate the failsafe shield.

He regrouped with teammates Preston Stormer, William Furno, Nathan Evo, and Mark Surge outside the Hero Factory's Assembly Tower, which Black Phantom had reworked to enhance his own power. Here, Rocka revealed that he had been operating as a member of Hero Recon Team. The team entered the Assembly Tower, and Rocka climbed up the assembly equipment to take on Black Phantom while the rest of the team fought with Black Phantom's Arachnix on the floor of the Assembly Tower. Stormer ordered Rocka to unplug Black Phantom from the cables that were feeding power to him, but Evo, acting on a gut instinct, said to instead plug Black Phantom in even more. Stormer, trusting Evo's instincts, gave his support to Evo's plan. Rocka did this, successfully overloading Black Phantom with power and allowing Rocka to restrain Black Phantom with a pair of Hero Cuffs.

After the mission, Rocka and his team met with Zib and Makuro in mission control, where Zib revealed that while Hero Factory was on lockdown, a single file containing the plans for the Hero Factory itself had been sent to an unknown outside location, meaning villains elsewhere could duplicate the Hero Factory for their own nefarious purposes.

Abilities and Traits

Rocka on Quatros

Rocka's outlook is very much like a younger Furno's; he is extremely self-assured and headstrong, willing to immediately take on a challenge without a thought to his own limitations. This confidence caused him to clash with Furno, but the two eventually settled their differences. His experience in the training sphere has given him a diverse skillset. As a member of the Recon Team, he is also versed in secrecy and espionage teachings.

As part of his 3.0 upgrade, Rocka possessed the power of a lion.

Rocka received another upgrade shortly before the Hero Factory mass breakout, with equipment including a helmet with heat vision scope.


In his 2.0 form, Rocka carried a Multi-Tool Ice Shield. He bore a double-claw combo tool as his 3.0 weapon. He was temporarily armored with ancient tools on Quatros, but has since stopped using these pieces.

With his new armor upgrade, Rocka was given a helmet with a heat-vision scope, as well as new weapons: a crossbow with an attached spear launcher, with an attached bandolier of spears, and a weaker version of the Hex Energy Shield, which he can use for both defense and melee combat.

Set Information

Set 2143 Rocka 3.0 was released in the summer of 2011, as part of the canister wave. This set contains 30 pieces including a transparent green armor piece decorated with the name "Rocka 3.0" and a lion pattern. Parts from this set could be used with parts from 2145 Stormer 3.0 to build a combi model based on instructions available on HeroFactory.com. The lid of this set's canister also was printed with a HeroPad code that would unlock Rocka 3.0's version of the online game Creep Crushers.

Rocka was also released the same year in a large boxed set, 2282 Rocka XL. There are 174 pieces in this set, including two of the aforementioned printed armor piece and a gold sphere. A launcher in his right hand can fire the sphere when the sides are squeezed.

Set 2282 Rocka XL

Another set featuring the character, 6202 Rocka, was released in 2012. Comprising 55 pieces, this set featured a ball shooter and shield, as well as a redesigned Hero Core containing a code which, when entered into the online game Breakout on the Hero Factory website, will give the player 300 points. Parts from Rocka can be combined with parts from 6203 Black Phantom to create a combi model based on instructions from HeroFactory.com.


  • Tom Kenny provided the voice for Rocka in Episode 6: Savage Planet.
  • Rocka is identified as "Daniel Rocka" in the credits of some copies of the Savage Planet DVD, though the name is not canon.


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