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Manager(s) Kelly McKiernan
Type Official Website of Hero Factory

HeroFactory.com, or HeroFactory.LEGO.com is the official website of Hero Factory. It is managed by Kelly McKiernan.


The Site

The site consists of 6 sections: Products, Fun Zone, Downloads, Story, and the HeroPad. At the bottom of each page, except the home page, Downloads page, and the HeroPad are banners linking to various features of the site.

Home Page

The home page of the website features links to various parts of the site. The home page also features a statistics module, which lists the total number of missions completed, the number of heroes commissioned today, and more information pertaining to Hero Factory and Makuhero City. The home page also features a ticker of fan-submitted missions from the website's "Call Center"


The Products page presents a short bio for each of the characters or vehicles that come in sets, as well as various animations and images of each set. Each product includes a link to the building instructions page, where PDF building instructions for the sets and combination models can be downloaded. It also links to each currently-available set on shop.LEGO.com and allows users to rate the sets.

Fun Zone

The Fun Zone page links to all of the Hero Factory games and movies on the website, also place where you can create and print your own Hero Factory comics and also links to the HeroPad feature.

Hero Factory Figure Builder

The replacement Hero designer for Hero Recon Team, the Figure Builder allows two different body types (Hero and Villain) to be customized and used in the online games on HeroFactory.com.


The Downloads page consists of various posters, screensavers, and wallpapers of many of the Heroes and the villains.


The Story page features a brief summary of the current story, and links to several of the Story-related features, such as the website's "Call Center", bios, Media Center, weapons descriptions, and comics. The Call Center allows fans to submit imaginary missions for Hero Factory, and advertises an automated phone number that fans can also call to submit missions. The Media Center contains brief descriptions of past Hero Factory missions, as well as the Hero Factory FM podcast. It also links to an information page about Hero Factory.


The HeroPad is a feature of the website containing several games and a code entry section, where the codes inside Hero Factory set containers could be entered to unlock prizes.


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