2.0 Upgrade

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2.0 Upgrade
Comic Upgrade.png
Occurrence A new building design is introduced for all Heroes
Initiator Akiyama Makuro

The 2.0 Upgrade was a massive, initially defective process that revolutionized the way the Hero Factory made and produced Heroes.


The Hero Factory developed a process to upgrade Heroes into a new form, strengthening them. However, the process was too risky, and new Heroes were instead to be manufactured directly into these new forms until the process was perfected, reducing the danger. At a press conference, Akiyama Makuro unveiled Julius Nex and Nathan Evo, two Heroes built in the new style. During the conference, Mr. Makuro also stated that Hero Factory would have the process perfected enough for older Hero models to receive the upgrade two to three months from the date of the press conference.

When Alpha 1 Team was defeated by Fire Lord at Tanker Station 22, the escaping members returned to Makuhero City to receive an upgrade. Mr. Makuro warned them that the upgrade process would be dangerous for them, as the existing process was unfinished, but they insisted on acquiring the modification regardless. Their upgrade made them more resistant to heat and fire to better combat Fire Lord and his minions. The Heroes took some time adjusting to the new forms, but soon went to confront Fire Lord.

After Fire Lord was defeated, Mark Surge, who had been previously captured by Fire Lord's forces, received a successful upgrade.

The upgrade process was eventually perfected, and used on existing Heroes, and became a staple in Hero Factory procedure in dealing with missions.