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Aquagon was a sea creature that was transformed by a Brain.


Aquagon was formerly a peaceful creature that lived in the sea. After the invasion of the Brains, it was possessed and transformed into a dangerous sea serpent creature.

Abilities and Traits

Before getting possessed, Aquagon was a peaceful and shy sea creature. After it got transformed by the Brains, Aquagon was turned into a dangerous and vicious enemy.

It also possesses a pair of tentacles on its feet and spikes on its shoulders.


Aquagon possesses a double sword staff that can be split into two ultra-sharp blades.

Set Information

The set 44013 Aquagon will be released in late 2013, as part of the late 2013 Brain Attack series. It contains a dark blue Brain that attaches to its head and consists of 41 pieces, including a Hero Core not used in the set, but instead to be used in the Brain Attack game to get 400 points. The Aquagon set can be combined with 44012 Evo to create a non-canon combiner model.