Attack on Makuhero City

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Attack on Makuhero City
Occurrence Brains possess native creatures to form an invading army
Initiator Unknown

The Attack on Makuhero City was an event orchestrated by an unknown criminal, wherein Brains invaded the planet and formed an army to assault Makuhero City and the Hero Factory.


The Brains were created with the specific intent to wipe out the Hero Factory, manufactured by an unknown villain. After developing enough Brains, the villain dispatched them toward Makuhero Planet. Some were separated from the main swarm, resulting in Mission: Collision Course and Mission: Robot Rampage.

The majority of the Brains reached the Makuhero Planet, possessing the local fauna and transforming them into dangerous villains. The transformed creatures all became part of a marauding army, which traveled towards Makuhero City in an effort to reach the Hero Factory and destroy it. The Alpha 1 Team, out on a publicity appearance, was notified of the attack and returned to the Factory to receive an upgrade in order to better combat the Brains. William Furno was placed in command of the available Hero teams, and the Heroes set out to repel the invading army. Nathan Evo traveled beneath Makuhero City into the sewers to fend off Aquagon and transformed Sea Creatures, while Mark Surge was assigned to guard the Factory itself. Surge was eventually overwhelmed by the Brains and possessed, traveling inside the Factory to manufacture an army of prototype Heroes and destroy the building. Dragon Bolt, a dragon possessed by the Brains, arrived after the initial assault, and crashed into the Factory.

After figuring out how to disable the Brains and remove the beasts from their control, Alpha 1 chased after Dragon Bolt and encountered the possessed Surge. Rocka took on the dragon alone, arming himself with a Jetpack to confront the beast in the air. As the rest of Alpha 1 defeated the Hero drones, Natalie Breez eventually removed the Brain from Surge, while Rocka freed Dragon Bolt, ending the assault.


The Alpha 1 Team assisted the citizens in cleanup of the city, while the beasts returned to their homelands. Surge, who had previously expressed a distaste for helping the citizens, gained a newfound perspective on his choices and free will after being possessed, and began enjoying the task more.

Underground, cleanup crews were sent into the tunnel created by Dragon Bolt entering the Factory. There, workers discovered another swarm of brains.