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Battle Machine
TV Battle Machines.jpg
Class Hero Factory Technology
User(s) Heroes
Functionality Combat Jumpers
Status All Destroyed

After the Jumper Beasts attacked Antropolis City, the Heroes required the help of Battle Machines to confront them.


During an excavation project in Antropolis City, the workers accidentally disturbed a colony of Jumper beasts. The Jumpers abducted several of the workers, forcing the remaining crew to call the Hero Factory. Nathan Evo was set to investigate, debuting the Evo Walker machine. While examining the tunnel where the workers disappeared, the Evo Walker was overwhelmed by Jumpers, forcing Evo to bail out of the machine and call for reinforcements.

The Alpha 1 Team traveled to Antropolis to back up Evo, bringing with them the Remote Builder to develop more Battle Machines. Using the builder, Daniel Rocka constructed the Stormer Freeze Machine and Furno Jet Machine, as well as his own Rocka Stealth Machine. Leaving Evo to develop his own Machine, the Heroes went to engage the Jumpers in battle. However, the Battle Machines were all eventually defeated by the beasts; Preston Stormer was taken from his Freezer Machine by Jaw Beast, who also took down the Jet Machine. Using the Stealth Machine, Rocka was able to capture a single Jumper for examination, but the beast escaped confinement and forced Rocka to eject.

Evo eventually finished constructing a new Battle Machine, the Evo XL Machine, in time to combat the Splitter Beast that was chasing William Furno. Together they defeated the beast, but did not realize that it was actually comprised of two different creatures, and Furno was taken by one.

The rest of the Battle Machines were all destroyed one by one either by the Jumpers or by hazardous areas.


Known Machines

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