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Robot Class
Function Various
Power(s) Various
Location(s) Universal
Status Operative

Many planets are home to different species of Beasts.


Beasts developed on many planets in the universe.

On the planet Quatros, after the disappearance of the native population, the Hero Factory corporation began mining the natural reserves of Quaza. However, they discovered that their mining was ruining the planet, they abandoned the effort and designated the place as a nature reservation for the local techno-organic wildlife. The planet was eventually taken over by Witch Doctor, who used the Quaza to corrupt the local beasts and bend them to his will. Hero Factory discovered his actions and reclaimed the planet after arresting Witch, establishing it as a sanctuary for the beasts once more.

Makuhero Planet, home to the Hero Factory corporation, is also home a number of different beast species. During the invasion of the Brains, these species were possessed by the Brains and transformed into vicious creatures, and formed an army to invade Makuhero City. They were repelled by the local Hero population, who defeated all of the Brains and allowed the beasts to return to their natural habitats.

<spoiler>During a recent excavation effort in Antropolis City, an underground culture of beasts was discovered. The mining disturbed these beasts and caused them to attack the city in a rampage. Hero Factory was called in for reinforcements, and used their Battle Machines to fend off the beasts.</spoiler>

Abilities and Traits

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Known Beasts

Makuhero Planet


Lunar Tratix

Antropolis City

Quatros Fangz | Waspix | Scorpio | Raw-Jaw
Lunar Tratix Tratix Reptoid
Makuhero Planet Ogres | Rock Giants | Ice Creatures | Bull Creatures | Sea Creatures | Dune Crawlers
Antropolis City Jumpers (Jaw Beasts, Splitter Beasts, Flyer Beasts, Tunneler Beasts, Crystal Beasts, Queen Beast)