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Brain Attack (Game)
Brain Attack App iOS Icon.png
Game Information
Availability Available
Platform Android, iOS, PC
Controls Keyboard, Mouse (PC) Touch Screen (Handheld devices)

Brain Attack is a Hero Factory game for the 2013 Brain Attack wave. The game is available on Android and iOS, and in the Hero Factory website.


Each level consists of 20 waves. When all the waves are complete, the next level is unlocked. The levels are very similar, but progressively get more difficult. The levels are as follows:

City Streets

Initially, the first wave consists of only eighteen green Brains. The second wave has the player face green Brains, blue Brains, and multiple Scarox minions. The third wave increases the frequency Scarox are faced, and adds yellow Brains. The fourth wave increases the number of blue and green Brains but lowers the amount of Scarox; however, in the fifth wave multiple Scarox varieties are seen along with yellow Brains and Bruizer minions. Wave six continues this trend of Scarox variants and Bruizers, and wave seven features mainly Brains and the double-bladed Scarox. Wave eight introduces the multi-short Bruizer and the Ogrum class of enemies, which are featured heavily in wave nine which is filled with Ogrums, Scarox and Bruizers. The tenth wave features entirely Scarox and Ogrum enemies, while wave eleven adds Bruizers and green Brains back into the enemy roster. The twelfth wave adds Bruizer heavies and Pyrox minions for the first time, and they are fought along with Scarox, Bruizer, and Ogrum in the thirteenth wave. Wave fourteen has higher class variants of the foes, while fifteen introduces the Pyrox archer and explosive class. The sixteenth wave features less Scarox and Ogrum enemies and more Pyrox foes, and the seventeenth has very few Bruizer foes, mainly just Scarox, Ogrum, and Pyrox. Wave eighteen omits the weaker Scarox altogether, and the nineteenth wave omits Ogrums and low-level Pyrox and Bruizers. The final wave, wave twenty, you are attacked by an unending barrage of brains, supported by the real Scarox, Bruizer, Pyrox, and Ogrum.

The game menu on Android

Shopping Mall

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


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Power Plant

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Coming Soon


After the loading screen, the player is presented to the game's main menu which leads to various options that the player is able to click. After starting the game, the player is given options to customize the Hero and sidekick, as well as visit the in-game shop to buy different accessories. In the background of this screen, the Hero and sidekick dance to the game's music.

The player can then choose the level from the ones that have been unlocked.




Name Cost
Prototype B-16 0
Rocka 60
Furno 100
Breez 30
Bulk 50
Surge 60
Evo 20
Stormer 90
Maku Sentry 80
Captain Max Shoota 200
Core Defender 20
Core Knight 90
Paladin 5000 210
Acolyte 60
Pathfinder 140
Hierophant 250
Guardian 50
Eladrin 120
Exarch 200
Tunneler 90
Excavator 170
Dreadnought 280
Mintron 70
Bullroarer 150
Behemoth 260
Firebeam 95
Firefighter 165
Fax Ignem 285
Circuit Defender 70
Circuit Knight 150
Voltstormer 260
Philosopher 110
Ion Magus 190
Archmage 300
Neptin 480 55
Ondine 130
Proteus 1200


Name Cost
P-42 0
Terra Firma 30
Pulser 40
Planar Rejector 100
Pulser Plus 100
Micro Blaster 4x9 120
Array Blast 50
Solar Blast 60
The Matriarch 60
Doomflame 55
Drillbeam 55
Blast Core VI 130
Zapper 30
The Linebreaker 150
Portable Volcano 130
Volt Devastator 180
V2000 100
Scimitar 70
The Enforcer 240
Shock Conduit 70
Thunder Blade IV 200
Solar Thrust 110
Arctic Wave 120
Flame Blade V20 220
Flame Blade V40 110
Thunder Wave 5Z 160
Corrosive Wave 270
Kragon Bow 100
MX30 220
Celestial Void 150
Grace 230
Glory 290
Space Maker 2000 120
Scorpio Claw 80
Temporal Laser 160
Edge Spacer 3000 110
Voltomace 240
Glacial Basher 160
Thunder Smasher 280
Huntex 60
Swift Lance 110
Phase Displacer 250
The Avalanche 230
Corrosive Burster 150
The Shockbringer 190
Solar Flare V6 240
Icicle Burster 130
Axe LF 150
Corrosive Swipe 200
Golden Axe 300
Volt Mixer 100
Blast Lance 100
Frost Slash 100
Icicle Cleaver 100
Techno Bat 100
Buzz Sword 100
Buzz Sword 100


  • Brains come in varieties: Green, Blue, Yellow, and Orange and are stronger respectively depending on the color. They can only do melee damage. Red brains have a fire aspect to them, making them more dangerous. Brains occasionally spawn from a defeated larger enemy: Green from Scarox, Yellow from Ogrum, Red from Bruizers and Orange from Pyrox.
  • Scarox Minions: Scarox fire a three-pronged energy beam, but they are the weakest walking enemy.
    • Bomb: These Scarox fire bombs at the player
    • Heavy: This Scarox variant fires purple energy blasts and is stronger than a normal Scarox
    • Explosive: Scarox of the explosive variant detonate upon destruction, causing splash damage
  • Bruizer Minions: Bruizers are fast and fire purple lasers rapid-fire
    • Multi-Shot: The multi-shot Bruizers fire eight short-range blue energy bursts
    • Heavy: Very large and powerful, throw boulders
    • Saw: Wield a saw and fire multiple purple energy bursts
  • Ogrum Minions: Similar to Scarox, but fire one purple energy short
    • Explosive: These Ogrums explode upon defeat
    • Heavy: This massive Ogrum throws boulders and has a high health meter
    • Double-Bladed: These Ogrums wield double-bladed staffs and fire green energy bursts
  • Pyrox Minions: Fires tracking missiles
    • Heavy: Fires six fire busts in a range of area
    • Archer: This Pyrox fires three energy bursts at once
    • Explosive: These types of Pyrox explode upon defeat
The loading screen on Android


In the online version, the player can control his chosen Hero by using the mouse to aim the Hero's weapon. The player can control the character by using the W, A, S and D keys in the keyboard to move the player across the level. In the app version, there are two control sticks on the left and right sides of the screen. The left-hand control stick directs the Hero, while the right-hand control stick aims the Hero's weapon.

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