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This article is about the event. For other uses, see Breakout (Disambiguation).

"This is the worst crisis Hero Factory and the galaxy have ever faced"
Nathaniel Zib, Breakout Part 1

Parent Page: Missions

Occurrence Captured villains escape the Hero Factory jail
Initiator Voltix

The Hero Factory recently experienced a massive Breakout from the prison located in the Factory.


Orchestrated by Black Phantom and Voltix, the breakout freed all of the criminals from their cells in the Hero Factory Storage Facility jail, releasing them back out into the universe. Voltix, who had allowed himself to be captured by the Hero Factory, used his proximity to Von Nebula's Black Hole Orb Staff as an opportunity to trigger it, which created a massive black hole that disabled the villain containment units and provided a means for traveling throughout the universe.

Many of the available Heroes were called to recapture these villains, and bring them back to the factory. In a departure from protocol, each Hero was sent on a solo mission, against the tradition of deploying Heroes in teams. The Alpha 1 Team was given new armor and weapons to track down and bring back the escaped criminals, and were also outfitted with new Hero Cuffs.

After the Heroes had been deployed on their missions, Black Phantom infiltrated the Factory and seized control of it, raising the failsafe shield and preventing contact with the outside world. However, the Hero Daniel Rocka was still inside of the Factory, and managed to thwart Black Phantom's effort with the assistance of Alpha 1 and Nathaniel Zib.

The Breakout was revealed to be an elaborate ruse, so that Black Phantom could steal the structural plans to the Hero Factory and transmit them to an unknown benefactor. The recapture mission is ongoing.

Known Escapees