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==External links==
==External links==
*[http://imc.ceros.com/legous/issue1/page/8 Breakout Part 1 by LEGO.com]
*[https://web.archive.org/web/20150705045524/http://imc.ceros.com/data/116/631/1454/richMedia/d29991c624aec98cb02d210177a2656e.swf Breakout Part 1 by LEGO.com] {{C|archive}}
*[http://cache.lego.com/upload/contentTemplating/Club2ClubCodes/otherfiles/download3B3B7C0840108F3FD13237F44EBD9FDB.pdf Breakout Part 2 on LEGO.com]
*[http://assets.lego.com/upload/contentTemplating/Club2ClubCodes/otherfiles/download3B3B7C0840108F3FD13237F44EBD9FDB.pdf Breakout Part 2 on LEGO.com]

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Breakout: Issue 1
Hero Factory Comic 8 Color Cover.jpg
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator(s) Elmer Damaso

Breakout is the first Hero Factory comic of 2012. The first two pages of the comic were featured in the January–February 2012 issue of the LEGO Club magazine. At the end of the incomplete comic is a Clubcode, which when entered to the Club section of LEGO.com yields the remainder of the comic.

Plot Summary

Part 1

After a mass breakout at the Hero Factory, Heroes are dispatched to recover the escaped villains. Daniel Rocka, upgraded with new armor, is searching for Black Phantom. After hearing a noise Rocka uses his new scope to locate Black Phantom, but walks into the villain's trap instead. However, Rocka's new shield is able to deflect Black Phantom's shots, and he uses the shield as a melee weapon to defeat the criminal. While Rocka is reporting to Stormer about his success, Black Phantom uses his blaster to cause debris to fall, trapping Rocka and allowing him to escape. Rocka recovers, and Stormer orders him to give chase to Black Phantom.

Part 2

Rocka soon catches up to Black Phantom, but is again beaten down by the villain. Stormer warns the Hero that his charging attitude will not lead to his victory, and suggests that he change his strategy, such as an ambush or surprise attack. Rocka takes his advice, and catches Black Phantom unaware. After a fierce fight, Rocka gains the upper hand, and eventually beats Black Phantom. Stormer congratulates him for learning patience in his fighting, and Rocka remarks that he probably learned it faster than the other Heroes.


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