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Breakout (Game)
Breakout Start Screen.jpg
Game Information
Availability Available
Platform Online, iOS platform
Controls Mouse, touchscreen

Breakout is the latest game from It was later released in the iTunes App Store for free, utilizing similar gameplay and controls. Hero Cores included with all of the 2012 sets contain game codes, which can be entered for Hero Points. Several other codes have been released elsewhere as well.


The game starts out with Zib telling the Hero/Rocka about subbmiting codes. After subbmitting a code of his own, he tells the Rocka to celebrate with a drink. Then, the alarms go off and Zib tells the Rocka that all of the villians have escaped and that the Hero should go investigate the Villian Storage Area.

Level 1 The Villian Storage Area

The Hero/Rocka is told how to pick up points, fire his gun, how to climb walls, how to upgrade a weapon, and about secrets. During that, he must defeat hordes of Arachnix Drones and henchmen to move on. Eventually, Rocka comes to Black Phantom fighting him several times until finally being defeated, Black Phantom escapes and Rocka returns to the Mission Management Station.


Coming Soon...


The online version of the game relies mostly on keyboard controls. However, the mouse can be used to proceed through dialogue boxes or navigate various menus.

  • Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow, and Right Arrow - These keys are used to move your hero forward, backward, left, or right relative to the camera. Some narrow pathways can be followed using only the up and down arrow keys. The arrow keys can also be used to navigate some menus.
  • W, A, S, and D - These keys can be used as alternatives to the arrow keys to move your hero or navigate some menus.
  • Space Bar - The space bar is used to fire your gun when the cursor is on a distant enemy or object, or to use a melee attack when your cursor is on an adjacent enemy or object.
  • Enter/Return - The return key is used to throw your Hero-Cuffs at a stage's villain after reducing their health completely. It can also be used as an alternative to the mouse to proceed through a dialogue box or navigate some menus.
Basic gameplay on an iPhone

The iOS version of the game uses touch controls.

  • Control Sticks - There are two control sticks rendered on the screen. The first is used to rotate your hero's position, and the second is used to move the hero around.
  • Tap - You can tap the screen in different areas to attack other objects. When you are close to an object or enemy, tapping on them triggers a melee attack, while if you are farther away from the object or enemy, tapping on them fires your gun.
  • Tap and Hold - After you defeat a stage's villain, you can tap and hold your finger on them to use your hero cuffs after their health has been fully reduced.

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