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Breakout Animations
Featured Animation Breakout Animations
Promoting Breakout Sets
Creator Unknown
Released Throughout 2012

The Breakout Animations were made to promote Hero Factory's Breakout line, featuring the Heroes and escaped Villains combating after the Breakout.



The Breakout is shown with the various Hero's conflicts to recapture villains in the galaxy.


William Furno's upgrade to Breakout armor is shown, along with clips of him fighting Jawblade and Arachnix.


Clips of Jawblade are shown underwater on Scylla fighting Furno, as well as fighting Preston Stormer.

Furno vs Jawblade

The Breakout is described as well as Jawblade and Furno. Furno is seen diving underneath Scylla, and fighting Jawblade before successfully cuffing him. An ad for the Breakout Game is shown.


Daniel Rocka is shown using his Crossbow on Arachnix, as well as fighting Voltix and using Hero Cuffs to apprehend Black Phantom.

Black Phantom

Black Phantom is described as the most dangerous villain, and his Arachnix and his Razor Sabre Mace Staff are featured.

Rocka vs Black Phantom

After describing the Breakout as well as Black Phantom and Rocka, their climatic duel in the Hero Factory's Assembly Tower is shown with Rocka victorious. A trailer for the Breakout game is shown.


Stormer XL's upgrade is shown, as well as him using his Ultra Mach Speed Cycle and Scout Drones in order to chase down Speeda Demon.

Speeda Demon

Speeda Demon is shown on his Nitro Rocket Motorbike battling Stormer and is described as madness on wheels.

Stormer vs Speeda Demon

After giving information on the Breakout, Speeda Demon, and Stormer XL, the two's high speed chase is shown in its entirety with Stormer managing to cuff Speeda Demon. An ad for Breakout the game is shown.


Jimi Stringer is shown in combat with Voltix using his Sonic Blaster.


Shown engineering the Breakout, Voltix is later shown fighting Stringer using his Shooting Volt Blaster.

Stringer vs Voltix

The Breakout Voltix engineered is shown followed by descriptions of Stringer and Voltix. Their Tansari VI fight is shown with Voltix losing, followed by an ad for the game Breakout.


Mark Surge is shown receiving his Breakout upgrade, followed by him combating Splitface in the Sigma Sigma system.


Splitface is shown fighting Mark Surge in Sigma Sigma, described as crazy on one personality and pure evil on the other.

Surge vs Splitface

The Breakout event is described before describing Splitface and Surge, before showing Surge's fight and capture of the villain. An ad for the Breakout game is shown.


Nathan Evo is shown receiving his Tank Arm and then utilizing it on Z'chaya against Toxic Reapa.

Toxic Reapa

The villain Toxic Reapa is shown using his Toxic Jets against Evo in the Z'chaya jungle.

Evo vs Toxic Reapa

The Breakout is shown, along with quick profiles of Toxic Reapa and Evo, followed by Evo's successful capture of Toxic Reapa. An ad for the Breakout game is shown.


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