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The Hero Factory storyline is composed of many different Characters, each with different roles and purposes.

Below is the list of Characters in Hero Factory.

Hero Factory

Hero Teams



  • Akiyama Makuro - Hero Factory's founder
  • Professor Nathaniel Zib - The Chief Mission Manager of Alpha 1
  • Quadal - Zib's assistant
  • Sturgeon Pinhead - A mission manager
  • Sherman Lennard - The manager of the Call Center
  • Lucy - An operator of the Call Center
  • Boz Freeman- The head of the Assembly Tower
  • Big Joe - A hard working staff member
  • Skinny Jack - Another hard worker at Hero Factory
  • Sid Asimo - Hero Factory's longest-serving employee, works in the furnace
  • Gargantuan Smash - A former villain turned Hero Factory employee
  • Dr. Calvin Metric - One of the design team workers



Von Nebula's Team

File:Fire Lord.png
Fire Lord, a megalomaniacal rogue mining robot
  • Von Nebula - The former Von Ness, a hero gone rogue with a mission to destroy Hero Factory
  • Rotor - An insane and master escape-artist villain
  • Thunder - A strong and dim-witted villain
  • Corroder - A conniving and fast henchbot
  • Meltdown - One of the more mentally unbalanced foes
  • XPlode - An exceedingly rich villain-for-hire
  • Vapor - The most mysterious of Von Nebula's recruits

Fire Villains

  • Fire Lord - A former mining robot who became the powerful leader of a group of villains
  • Nitroblast - A smart and devoted member in the Fire Lord's group
  • Jetbug - An insane and fast henchbot
  • Drilldozer - A huge and strong member of Fire Lord's group


  • Witch Doctor - A tyrannical villain who took control of the techno-organic animals of the planet Quatros
  • Silver - A giant robot that attacked New Stellac City
  • Cornelius Zo - A villain that once commanded an army of Tiger Ants
  • Snowflake - A notorious shape-shifter that can turn objects into smaller versions of itself
  • Panda-Monium - A mutant panda-like being
  • Interpolar Bear - A cat burglar who wears a panda disguise
  • Sun-Eater - A villain that once tried to take over a planet
  • Gorgon - A gorgon from Neptune that once tried to kidnap Saturn's king


  • Mak Megahertz - A DJ on Hero Factory FM and host of the program Mak in the Morning
  • Daniela Capricorn - A short-tempered news reporter for the HNW Evening News
  • Zed Clickstart - A live news reporter
  • Gary Zeetleback - A citizen from Cherith 9
  • Mary Zeetleback - Wife of Gary Zeetleback
  • Lydia Zahula - A bestselling opera singer
  • Titania Crey - A leading geophysicist
  • Tibor Terell - An avant-garbage filmmaker responsible for many films including Hero Factory: The Musical
  • Fabian Dion - An actor who played Preston Stormer in Hero Factory: The Musical
  • Chip Foster - An actor who played William Furno in Hero Factory: The Musical
  • Sabrina McCann - An actress who played Natalie Breez in Hero Factory: The Musical
  • Raven Su - A professor and lead scientist at Makuhero University Research Facility


  • Fangz - Skilled lupine hunters of Quatros
  • Raw-Jaw - A powerful gorilla-like creature on Quatros
  • Scorpio - Large but agile arachnids of Quatros
  • Waspix - Solitary wasp-like beasts of Quatros
  • Tratix Reptoid - Territorial, serpent-like creatures of Lunar Tratix

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