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|function=Housing prenatal Jumpers<br>Capturing beings
|function=Housing prenatal Jumpers<br>Capturing beings
|status=Out of use
|status=all but one destroyed
'''Cocoons''' are casings designed to house infant [[Jumper]] [[Beast]]s before they are born.
'''Cocoons''' are casings designed to house infant [[Jumper]] [[Beast]]s before they are born.

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TV Cocoon.jpg
State Solid
User(s) Jumpers
Function Housing prenatal Jumpers
Capturing beings
Status all but one destroyed

Cocoons are casings designed to house infant Jumper Beasts before they are born.


The cocoons are produced by the Queen Beast, and are where Jumpers emerge from once they are born.

During the battle for Antropolis City, the Queen and her Jumpers also used the cocoons to imprison the captured civilians and Heroes, for storage while the Beasts waited to feed on them.

In the climax of the invasion, the coccons were all flushed down the acid pool at the bottom of the Jumper's cavern. However, one lone cocoon survived, hidden away on Alpha 1 Team's Drop Ship.


The cocoons are a porous substance, that nonetheless can contain a being suspended in a fluid until they are ready to come out.

Set Information

Cocoons were featured in the second half of 2014 sets, with each set except for 44024 containing one, and came in three different colors. They were comprised of four different pieces; three separate leaves joined by a fourth connecting piece. The leaf pieces were a rubbery substance ending in hard plastic, allowing them to be peeled back to store a Jumper or Hero minifig inside.