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Comic 4: Von Nebula Rising
Comic4 Cover Art.PNG
Author Story: Sean Catherine Derek
Script: Greg Farshtey
Illustrator(s) Elmer Damaso
Carlos D'Anda (Cover)

Von Nebula Rising is the fourth comic in the Hero Factory series.

Plot Summary

Senior Hero Factory Heroes of Alpha 1 Team are dispatched to New Stellac City to assist with a natural disaster. Dunkan Bulk notices that there is a monument in the center of the city with a plaque dedicated to Preston Stormer, inferring that Stormer must have been sent on a mission here previously. After Jimi Stringer re-read the plaque, Bulk remembers that New Stellac City was the last place rookie hero Von Ness was sent on a Hero Factory mission before he became the villain known as Von Nebula. Stormer justifies Bulk's hypothesis after remembering it himself, along with the conclusion that this incident was not a natural disaster. The senior heroes are then attacked by Thunder and Corroder—Thunder using his modified Crusher Claw with the Nebula Gas Cannon mounted on it. Rookie heroes William Furno and Natalie Breez are observing the attack from Mission Control as Mark Surge runs in. They decide that they will go to assist the other team members, getting their weapons upgraded to help on the mission. Before hand, Furno had been researching New Stellac City, finding out that Stormer and Von Ness had been sent there before, when they were on their first team led by Thresher. He describes the mission as an unpredicted battle against a giant drone that could easily destroy the city or any hero—which was the case for Thresher. Stormer and Von Ness were left to fight the drone themselves. Stormer went off to fight the drone himself, leaving Von Ness to watch after the injured Thresher. Instead, Von Ness fled in the team's Drop Ship, leaving Stormer to be the only one to stop the robot from destroying the city. Stormer's bravery allowed him to take on the drone, destroying it's optic circuits, and freezing plutonium-cryptide canisters. The city was then safe, and the drone was destroyed. The citizens built a monument out of the drones parts in honor of Stormer's bravery and loyalty.

Later, the rookies arrive at the scene, not finding the other heroes. Thunder and Corroder approach the heroes, though the heroes currently outnumbered the villains. Then, XPlode and Meltdown join the villains, changing the odds of the battle. As the villains attack, the senior heroes save the rookies just before a black hole opens. Stringer commands the team to link together to reduce the pull of gravity on the heroes, though Stormer instead goes in it to find the person responsible; that being Von Nebula—the villain Stormer had been searching for ever since the first mission to New Stellac City. Furno refuses to let Stormer go alone, therefore following him into the black hole. Stormer tells Furno that he disobeyed orders by following him, knowing that it was a trap set for him and he didn't want any other hero to get hurt. Suddenly, Von Nebula appears, trapping the heroes into the vortex. Furno attempts to counteract the force by using the antigravity thruster rings that allow heroes to fly. Von Nebula tries to stop them by attacking both heroes with his Black Hole Orb Staff, though he misses as Furno throws the rings into the black hole. Before both heroes and Von Nebula are killed in the exploding vortex, Stormer attacks the villain with his own staff, trapping him there, and freeing the heroes. Meanwhile, the other team members had contained and arrested the villains, completing the mission and saving the city.



  • Preston Stormer
  • William Furno
  • Jimi Stringer
  • Dunkan Bulk
  • Natalie Breez
  • Mark Surge
  • Thresher (In a flashback)
  • Von Ness (In a flashback)


  • Thunder
  • Corroder
  • XPlode
  • Meltdown
  • Von Nebula
  • Silver (In a flashback)


  • Comic 4 was never released to the public, and was only available through certain websites.

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