Comic 6: Savage Planet

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"We have to warn Stormer! This witch is nuts, and he's planning to steal our ship and leave us stranded here."
William Furno, Savage Planet

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Comic 6: Savage Planet
Author Story: Jesse Peyronel
Script: Greg Farshtey
Illustrator(s) Elmer Damaso
Carlos D'Anda (Cover)

Savage Planet is the sixth Hero Factory comic, published by DC Comics.

Plot Summary

Rocka 2.0 flies in to Quatros in a Hero-Craft, responding to a distress call from Aldous Witch, who reported that he had crashed on the planet. Rocka finds Witch's ship, but no sign of Witch. Witch Doctor then surprises Rocka. In Hero Factory, Preston Stormer reports to William Furno, Dunkan Bulk, Jimi Stringer, and Julius Nex that Rocka is missing on Quatros. Stormer explains the nature of Quatros, and the Heroes receive an upgrade to animal-based 3.0 forms. Flying in to Quatros, Stormer notices how strange the planet looks, but Stringer confirms it is Quatros, explaining it as someone is stealing the Quaza from the planet. Landing, Stormer tells Nex that Witch was his professor at Hero Factory who was exiled after he tried to implant himself with a Hero Core. Nex finds an injured Rocka who tells Stormer Witch Doctor injured him when Furno fined Witch Doctor. Furno tries to attack Witch Doctor, but roots move to trip Furno up. Furno tries to attack again, but Witch Doctor moves away from Furno. Witch Doctor dismisses the Heroes as beneath him as he is given power through the Quaza, and prepares to destroy the Heroes. Stringer and Nex support Furno as Witch Doctor vanishes. Furno tries to warn Stormer, but a Raw-Jaw, a Fangz, and a Waspix appear and attack them.


  • Heroes
    • Preston Stormer
    • William Furno
    • Jimi Stringer
    • Dunkan Bulk
    • Julius Nex
    • Rocka
  • Criminals
    • Witch Doctor
  • Others
    • A Raw-Jaw
    • A Fangz
    • A Waspix

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