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*''Comic 4'' <small>(Unreleased)</small>
*''Comic 4'' <small>(Unreleased)</small>
*''[[Comic 5: Ordeal of Fire]]''
*''[[Comic 5: Ordeal of Fire]]''
*''Comic 6: Savage Planet''
*''[[Comic 6: Savage Planet]]''
==Promotional Comics==
==Promotional Comics==

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Comic1 TrialsOfFurno.png
Type Book
Year(s) released 2010-Present

Comics are a media that is used to tell the story in the Hero Factory franchise, mainly included within the LEGO Club Magazine.

Publication History

The first comic, Trials of Furno, was released as an exclusive to those who attended the LEGO booth during Comic-Con 2010, and other related functions. The second comic, Core Crisis, was included in the September-October 2010 issue of the LEGO Club Magazine, as individual pages within the magazine. The third and fourth comics, however, were postponed, and eventually not released in the LEGO Club Magazine. The third comic was eventually released online through a third-party promotional website, and the fourth comic is currently pending release. These four were all based on the four episodes in the Rise of the Rookies miniseries.

The fifth comic, Ordeal of Fire, detailing the second wave of sets, was again released in the LEGO magazine, in the March-April 2011 issue. Unlike the previous comics, this one diverged from the corresponding TV episode, and the new plot introduced in the comic was never finished. The sixth comic, Savage Planet, was released in the July-August 2011 issue of the LEGO magazine, introducing the summer 2011 sets and story.

Main Comics

Promotional Comics

See Also

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