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villain_image=[[File:Core Hunter in City.png|250px]]|
villain_image=[[File:Core Hunter in City.png|250px]]|
villain_weapons=[[Hero Core Remover Tool]], Plasma Shooter|
villain_weapons=[[Hero Core Remover Tool]], [[Plasma Shooter]]|

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Core Hunter
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Core Hunter is a villain who has recently been broken out of the Hero Factory prison.


The Hero Factory, at one point, caught Core Hunter and imprisoned him in their Storage Facility.

During the mass breakout orchestrated by the villain Black Phantom, Core Hunter was able to escape the jail. However, unlike many other villains, Core Hunter remained in the area, working his way through Makuhero City with the intent to disable any Heroes he comes across. Dunkan Bulk of Alpha 1 Team has been assigned to stop and apprehend him.

Abilities and Traits

Core Hunter is an extremely methodical and precise villain, with a surgical intelligence and a perfectionist attitude towards his villainous career. His obsession with removing Hero Cores eventually developed into his criminal specialty, and he is known to lust for more and more Cores to add to his collection.


Core Hunter bears a Multi Vision Mask, a custom made pair of goggles with infrared and x-ray vision capabilities.

The Hero Core Remover Tool is Core Hunter's signature weapon, used in his hunts to acquire Hero Cores from fallen Heroes.

Set Information

The Core Hunter set, 6222, has been released in the second wave of the Hero Factory Breakout line, in the summer of 2012. The set contains 51 pieces, including a new Hero Core set with a printed code for use in online content. The Hero Core is not used in the actual set.


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