Crystal Beast

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Crystal Beast
44026 Crystal Beast Pose.jpg
Known locations Antropolis City
Weapons Grabbing claws
Poison crystal spikes
Grab staff
Conservation status Extinct
Set number 44026

Crystal Beasts were a type of mutated Jumper.


During the invasion of Antropolis City, Crystal Beasts remained underground, guarding the caverns of the Jumper nest. A Hero expedition, led by the Alpha 1 Team and their Battle Machines, entered the underground looking for the source of the beasts swarming Antropolis. The Crystal Beasts attempted to defend their nest against the Heroes, though they were ultimately unsuccessful. The Heroes eventually encountered the Queen Beast, and the remaining Jumpers were all killed in the aftermath of the confrontation.

Abilities and Traits

The Crystal Beasts had transluscent shells on their anatomy, and bore poisoned crystal spikes.


Crystal Beasts carried grabbing staffs, could be used to imprison the Heroes in cocoons.

Set Information

Set 44026 Crystal Beast vs. Bulk was part of the second half of the Invasion From Below wave, released at the summer of 2014. The set is comprised of 83 pieces, including a Cocoon and a Dunkan Bulk mini-robot.


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