Daniela Capricorn

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Daniela Capricorn
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Daniela Capricorn is a news reporter for Channel HFX.


At one point, Capricorn was promoted to news reporter, and given a billboard in Makuhero City. She covered the returning of Alpha 1 Team with the captured criminals Thunder, Corroder, Meltdown, and XPlode. Capricorn interviewed Preston Stormer, and he told her that it was the new Heroes who had preformed admirably, and introduced William Furno, Mark Surge, and Natalie Breez. After her curious camera bot began zooming in on other things that were not her, Capricorn grew angry at it and dragged it back to the news station.

Capricorn was sent to cover Akiyama Makuro's annual press conference, where he revealed the Upgrade process. After asking what it did, Capricorn watched as new heroes Julius Nex and Nathan Evo were unveiled. Nex lifted Capricorn on to the stage with himself and Evo, and showed how powerful he was to her. Capricorn continued to watch through the end. At the ceremony honoring the bravery of Mark Surge with his 2.0 upgrade and presentation of his Ice Spear Blaster, Capricorn covered this news story and announced a new era was in store for all Heroes.

Abilities and Traits

Capricorn is very full of herself, and hates when her camera bot zooms somewhere else other than her. She has a very short temper, and gets mad at her camera bot constantly. However, while on camera, she takes on a façade of pleasantness.


  • Capricorn was voiced by Jennifer Coolidge in her Television Episode appearances.
  • Capricorn's appearance was based off of Lucy's.