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"After all we have done, all we have sacrificed, the actions we have taken that can never be undone? We have made ourselves outcasts from the civilized galaxy, monsters in the eyes of the natives of a thousand worlds, all to create this box — and you say we won't be using it?"
― Deneb to Arctur, The Doom Box

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Weapons None
Status Unknown

Deneb is one of the group of beings who created the Doom Box.


Five thousand years ago, Deneb helped create the Doom Box. However, upon the finalization of the box, it was discovered that it could not be turned off, and was effectively a galactic doomsday weapon. Arctur planned to break the Doom Box into pieces, causing Deneb to protest as he had given everything to make the weapon they now would not even use. Arctur broke it into fragments and hid them around the galaxy, but Deneb recorded their locations on a star chart on the wall.

Deneb's star chart would pass hands from thieves to Speeda Demon and eventually to Core Hunter, who used it to recover the Doom Box fragments.

Abilities and Traits

Deneb had reptilian features, and wore a hooded robe like the other members of the group. He advocated initially to keep the Doom Box intact, enraged that his villainous aspirations had been thwarted before they could be realized.


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