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beast_image=[[File:Comic Dragon Bolts.png|250px]]|
beast_location=Earth, [[Makuhero Planet]]|
beast_location=Earth, [[Makuhero Planet]]|

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Dragons are mythological creatures found on various planets in the universe, though there are only a few thought to be in existence.


Due to their rare status, dragons were incorporated into myths and stories in various places in the universe.

One dragon was discovered on the planet Earth, and believed to be a threat to the local population; Hero team Epsilon 4, a newly graduated team specializing in mythical creatures, was dispatched to deal with the dragon. However, the dragon was not as vicious as initially reported, and easily contained by the Heroes.

When the Brains arrived on the Makuhero Planet, one discovered a dragon living in a cave and possessed it, creating Dragon Bolt. Dragon Bolt traveled to the Hero Factory during the attack on Makuhero City, successfully penetrating the building and creating an entry point for the invading Brains. At the Factory, Dragon Bolt encountered Rocka, cornering the Hero in an equipment room. There, Rocka donned his Jetpack in order to take on the dragon in an aerial battle. Rocka was ultimately able to disable the brain controlling Dragon Bolt, turning it back into a normal dragon.

Abilities and Traits

Dragons are powerful, ancient creatures, who are reputed for their brutal nature, and serve as the inspiration for numerous legends. However, dragons are often more placid than their reputations suggest. Dragons often have the capability to breathe a weaponized element for offensive purposes, such as fire or electricity.

Known dragons are quadrupedal, and can fly.


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