Dragon Bolt

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Dragon Bolt
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Dragon Bolt is a beast that has been transformed by a Brain.


After the invasion of the Brains, Dragon Bolt was possessed and transformed into a giant deadly dragon.

After being transformed, Dragon Bolt attacked Makuhero City in an effort to destroy the Hero Factory.

Later, Dragon Bolt took on the skies and began to fly around Makuhero City while destroying anything on its path. Rocka was outfitted with a jetpack and started to chase the beast around the city.

Abilities and Traits


Dragon Bolt possesses a strong tail and sharp teeth.

Set Information

Set 44009 Dragon Bolt will be released in late 2013, as part of the second wave of the Brain Attack series. It contains a two-colored glow-in-the-dark brain, and includes a Hero Core not used in the set, but instead to be used in the Brain Attack game. The Dragon Bolt set can be combined with 44008 Surge to create a non-canon combination model.