Dragon Bolt

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Dragon Bolt
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Dragon Bolt is a beast that has been transformed by a Brain.


<spoiler>Dragon Bolt was formerly the inhabitant of a cave in the middle of a jungle.

Dragon Bolt sneaking behind Rocka.

After the invasion of the Brains, a Brain landed near Dragon Bolt's cave, and after a brief struggle the dragon was possessed and transformed into a deadly beast. Later, Dragon Bolt arrived to Makuhero City and attacked the Alpha 1 Team, who were currently defending the city, and then flew to the Hero Factory, entering the facility through a hole in the wall that Dragon Bolt made.

The Hero Rocka followed the dragon, discovering an inmense pit created by Dragon Bolt in the process, but the beast ambushed the Hero, who then locked himself inside a storage chamber. While Dragon Bolt was destroying various objects in the other chambers, Rocka returned with a giant jetpack and attacked the dragon, who then escaped back through another hole caused by the Hero. Rocka chased Dragon Bolt across Makuhero City, but after a few minutes the Hero managed to climb on top of the creature and free the dragon from the Brain's grasp. After being liberated from the Brain's control, Dragon Bolt ate the Brain that possessed it in revenge.

After the Brains were defeated, Dragon Bolt stayed in Makuhero City's plaza, with the citizens arriving to observe the massive creature.</spoiler>

Abilities and Traits

<spoiler>Dragon Bolt is enwrapped with electricity, and can fire electric fireballs to defend itself.</spoiler>


Dragon Bolt possesses a strong tail and sharp teeth.

Set Information

Set 44009 Dragon Bolt will be released in late 2013, as part of the second wave of the Brain Attack series. It contains a two-colored glow-in-the-dark brain, and includes a Hero Core not used in the set, but instead to be used in the Brain Attack game. The Dragon Bolt set can be combined with 44008 Surge to create a non-canon combination model.