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'''Drax''' is the Police Chief of [[Mekron City[[ and an old friend of [[Preston Stormer]].
'''Drax''' is the Police Chief of [[Mekron City]] and an old friend of [[Preston Stormer]].

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"I won't tolerate my authority being challenged in my own precinct!"
― Drax, Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies

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Drax is the Police Chief of Mekron City and an old friend of Preston Stormer.


Infected Chief Drax

While doing his work, Drax was confronted by Meltdown, who then infected him with anger-inducing nanobots. However, before he was corrupted, he sent out a distress call to Hero Factory, which sent Preston Stormer, William Furno, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge to investigate the call. When they arrived, they found the city under lockdown, and confronted Drax. Stormer, suspicious that Drax was hiding something, raised a Code 13, causing the rookies to join Stormer. While Stormer interrogated him, Drax insisted that it was a simple malfunction of the machinery that had caused the alarm, and that nothing was wrong. However, when Stormer asked if he could secure the area in order to make sure that nobody was hiding there, Drax refused to let them check. Ignoring this, the heroes circled around the perimeter. However, the nanobots began causing extreme anger in Drax, and he advanced dangerously towards them. Stormer ran back and hero-cuffed Drax, but not before Drax had sent out Floater Enforcer Drones, which stopped the heroes from further progressing. After the heroes had destroyed all of the robots, an excited Meltdown broke the ceiling of the building and fell to the ground, where he then infected Stormer with the same nanobots. After Meltdown left, the Heroes and Drax went back to Hero Factory, where the science team attempted to find a cure. After sending Breez, Surge, Stringer, and Bulk to Lunar Tratix to find a mineral for the cure, the science team at Hero Factory successfully cured Drax.

Abilities and Traits

Drax is a very capable Police Chief, an adept guard, and is naturally strong and able.


Drax carries a revolver that can shoot powerful bolts of energy.