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runtime=22 minutes|
runtime=22 minutes|
'''''Episode 10: Brain Attack''''' is the tenth [[Television Episodes|Television Episode]], released in March 2013. It was the first to not televised, instead released as a webisode on [[HeroFactory.com]].
'''''Episode 10: Brain Attack''''' is the tenth [[Television Episodes|Television Episode]], released in March 2013. It was the first to not originally air on television, instead released as a webisode on [[HeroFactory.com]], though it later appeared on Nicktoons.

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This article is about the television episode. You may be looking for the Online Game.

"A massive horde of mutated monsters? Ha, just another day at the Hero Factory."
Dunkan Bulk

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Episode 10
E10 Title Screen.png
Television Episode
Director Michael Black, Jay Olivia
Producer(s) Michael Ross, Amy Steele
Writer Adam Beechen
Starring John Schneider, Josh Keaton
Channel HeroFactory.com
Released March 7, 2013
Runtime 22 minutes

Episode 10: Brain Attack is the tenth Television Episode, released in March 2013. It was the first to not originally air on television, instead released as a webisode on HeroFactory.com, though it later appeared on Nicktoons.


In a laboratory on a rocky gray planet, multiple Brains are being loaded into space crafts while an unidentified being, in possession of Hero Factory's plans acquired by Black Phantom, observes and launches the Brains into space in order to destroy the Hero Factory.

Meanwhile, Dunkan Bulk, Preston Stormer and William Furno are in a park of Makuhero City in dedication of a memorial built for Alpha 1 Team. Daniela Capricorn approaches Furno, and asks the Hero about Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em's status, with Furno replying that they are almost finished with re-capturing villains. Natalie Breez and Mark Surge are giving out autographs while Surge expresses his disdain for dealing with citizens, and Nathan Evo is playing catch with some other attendees.

In space, the Brains speed toward the planet and crash down near two green ogres. One Brain leaves its ship and jumps on an ogre's head, turning it into Ogrum. At the same time, in a desert area, a Brain jumps on a dune crawler and transforms it into Scarox while ice Yetis are transformed into Frost Beasts. A small bull-like creature is transformed into Pyrox by a Brain, and a Rock Giant looking for food is transformed into Bruizer by a Brain hiding under a rock. Brains land underwater and transform a sea beast into Aquagon, who swims to Makuhero City, while a lone Brain walks into a dark cave inhabitated by a giant monster. Blue flashes of struggle are seen, followed by red eyes and a menacing roar.

As Stormer, Furno, Evo, and Rocka pose for pictures, the Heroes receive an alert on their visors, and rush to Hero Factory. At Mission Control, Professor Nathaniel Zib informs the team that destruction has been reported all over the planet and that an army of creatures are heading from different areas to the city. Quadal is overloaded by the numbers of the incoming villains, and Surge leads the Heroes to the Assembly Tower where they are upgraded with new equipment in order to defend the city. Alpha 1 go outside the Factory and witness the city under attack. Furno directs other Hero teams to guard certain areas, while Evo is sent to the service canals who were being overrun. Surge is left to guard Hero Factory itself, much to his annoyance.

Rocka, Breez, Stormer, and Furno arrive to the streets and observe multiple citizens fleeing from an army of the Brain-controlled monsters. Rocka notice something on top of the creatures, and suggest that they should not hurt the creatures, just the Brains. Capricorn and her camera bot stay in the streets, reporting live news while narrowly being attacked by a Pyrox, two Scarox, and a Frost Beast, but are saved by the Heroes. A Brain jumps on her camera bot, and after smacking it off they are chased by more Brains, ending the recording.

In the service canals, Evo flees from Aquagon's species and signals Zib to ask about how many creatures are there, with Zib gravely warning that there are many. Furno uses his shield to deflect fire from Pyrox, as Stormer continues to duel Frost Beast. Bulk fights Bruizer while Scarox and Ogrum attack Breez. Ogrum wraps Breez in vines as Scarox jumps on top of her, ready to bite her, but she cuts the vines and ties up Ogrum. Surge defends Hero Factory from Brain-infected creatures, but one Brain climbs to his shoulder. Surge shocks himself to get it off, but more Brains surround Surge and Zib loses Surge's signal. Bulk knocks Bruizer's Brain off by hitting the Brain's spikes, and Bruizer helps fight the rest of the creatures after hugging Bulk. Evo frees Aquagon's species while the team in the streets attack the Brains, freeing the monsters from their grips.

While the Heroes are celebrating their victory, Dragon Bolt arrives over Makuhero City and begins attacking Alpha 1 before flying away. Zib finds Surge in the Assembly Tower as Dragon Bolt dives into Hero Factory itself, smashing through the building's wall. Rocka pursues the Dragon, while the rest of the Heroes enter the Hero Factory and discover an army of blank Heroes, programmed to attack the Alpha 1 Team. As the Heroes wonder who programmed the blank Heroes, A Brain-controlled Surge appears behind the rest of the blank Heroes, and Furno tries to reason with the controlled Surge. Surge retreats, and the blank Heroes attack the team.

Elsewhere Rocka searches for Dragon Bolt, discovering a massive pit. Dragon Bolt ambushes Rocka with its tail, and after attacking him, Rocka flees and locks himself inside a storage room. Alpha 1 continues to battle the blank Heroes, and Stormer sees Surge authorizing the creation of even more drones. Stormer orders Breez to take down Surge, and she manages to reach him. While Rocka investigates the storage room, he finds and equips himself with a jet booster suit and chases Dragon Bolt out of the Hero Factory. Surge starts fighting Breez while Rocka chases the dragon through the city. Rocka jumps out of the booster pack and lands on top of Dragon Bolt, knocking the Brain off it. Breez manages to knock Surge's Brain off, and Surge deactivates the blank Hero army. Zib reports to the other Heroes that they defeated the Brains in Makuhero City and the Heroes go back to help the citizens, with Surge finding value in working with the people he serves.

After everything is back to normal, two workers are lowered into the massive hole in the ground Dragon Bolt created while it was inside Hero Factory. While joking, they find green goo on the ground, and are ambushed by a swarm of Brains that jump at them.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Tom Kenny Rocka/Mysterious Villain
Jean Louisa Kelly Natalie Breez
John Schneider Preston Stormer
Dee Bradley Baker Monsters
Josh Keaton William Furno
Bryton James Mark Surge/Miner
Jason London Nathan Evo
Henry Winkler Professor Nathaniel Zib
Jennifer Coolidge Daniela Capricorn

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