Episode 3

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This article is about the television episode. You may be looking for the comic.

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Episode 3
Episode Three Title.png
Television Episode
Director Mark Baldo
Producer(s) Joshua R. Wexler, Kristy Scanlan
Writer Sean Catherine Derek
Starring John Schneider, Eric Christian Olsen, Henry Winkler
Channel Nicktoons
Released September 22, 2010
Runtime 23 minutes

The Enemy Within is the third episode in the Rise of the Rookies miniseries that aired on Nicktoons on September 22, 2010. The episode was written by Sean Catherine Derek and directed by Mark Baldo.


William Furno is piloting a Drop Ship through an asteroid field, and Preston Stormer, Mark Surge, and Natalie Breez are with him. Breez announces she has been partnered with an advertising campaign, and Stormer rebukes her. Surge asks about a giant billboard of Stormer in Makuhero City, and Stormer replies that the ad agency duped him. Nathaniel Zib calls in, informing the heroes of an alert at Mekron City. After arriving there, Furno lands the Drop Ship at the police building, and the heroes meet Drax, the police chief. The chief explains a FED malfunctioned, and that the alert was a false alarm. Stormer activates a Code 13, and the other heroes walk in. Stormer tries to check if Drax is being forced to lie about the alert, and Drax grows angry, commanding the FEDs to attack Stormer and the rookies.

Drax infected by nanobots

The rookies attempt to destroy the FEDs, while Stormer hero-cuffs Drax. Stormer then quickly defeats the FEDs, but Meltdown crashes through a skylight, and begins using his radioactive waste. Meltdown tries to attack Furno, but infects Stormer with nanobots instead before retreating. Furno says that he had a clear shot at Meltdown, but as Stormer explains that a rookie could not have handled Meltdown's radiation, his Hero Core begins to hiss. Stormer and Drax are rushed to Hero Factory, where Zib and Quadal diagnose the nanobot infection. Zib explains Drax is in the med wing, but Stormer will not listen to the medibots, so Zib and Quadal watch him. Angrily, Stormer orders Zib to imprison him before the nanobots take hold. Stormer begins to flee, tailed by Furno, Dunkan Bulk, and Jimi Stringer. Bulk tries to stop Stormer, but Stormer knocks Bulk away, forcing Stringer and Furno to save him. Stormer quickly escapes Hero Factory. Stringer notes that Stormer knows the tower by heart, and Furno resolves to find him.

Stringer, Breez, and Surge use jet-packs to try and find Stormer around Makuhero City, but fail. Zib tells Bulk that Stormer's tracking device has been scrambled, as Stormer remembered that much. The science team devises a cure for Stormer, but realize an important ingredient is on the Lunar Tratix moon. Furno tells Bulk that he thinks he knows where Stormer is, and Bulk asks to tag along. Furno turns him down, and Bulk wishes him well. While the others go to Lunar Tratix, Furno takes the Furno Bike into the city.

At the Lunar Tratix moon, the heroes disembark off the Drop Ship, and encounter a Tratix Reptoid. Breez finds the rare mineral they are looking for, while the others frantically distract the creature. It lunges at Breez, but Surge jumps in front of her. The reptoid grabs Surge, and prepares to devour him.

An infected Stormer dueling Furno

Meanwhile, night has fallen in Makuhero City. Stormer is met at a giant billboard of himself by Furno, who tells Stormer that others know his location. They begin to brawl in the sky using jet-packs, Stormer angrily attacking Furno. They slam each other into buildings, and Stormer slams Furno to his billboard, causing his Dual Fire Shooter to go off, burning the billboard. Stormer defeats Furno, but Furno reminds him of cowards like Von Ness. Stormer remembers Thresher, and recovers from the nanobots only to slump into unconscious. Furno picks up Stormer and radios to Hero Factory. Stormer is brought back where he and Drax are given the cure. Surge asks Breez how she saved him, and Breez replies that she talked to the reptoid, a part of her programing, convincing it to cease its attack and dig up the mineral for them. Stormer comes to the conclusion that someone sent Meltdown.

In a black hole, an angry Von Nebula remarks that Drax has survived, and Stormer must have as well. He then vows to crush Stormer.

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