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'''''Ordeal of Fire''''' is the fifth episode of the [[Hero Factory]] [[Television Episodes|television series]]. The episode aired on April 10, 2011 on [[Wikipedia:Nickelodeon (TV channel)|Nickelodeon 2]] and was written by [[Sean Catherine Derek]] and directed by Howard E. Baker. It will be included as a bonus feature on the ''Savage Planet'' DVD release in October 2011.
'''''Ordeal of Fire''''' is the fifth episode of the [[Hero Factory]] [[Television Episodes|television series]]. The episode aired on April 10, 2011 on [[Wikipedia:Nickelodeon (TV channel)|Nickelodeon 2]] and was written by [[Sean Catherine Derek]] and directed by Howard E. Baker. It was included as a bonus feature on the ''Savage Planet'' DVD release in October 2011.

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This article is about the television episode. You may be looking for the comic, the game, or the in-universe mission.

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Episode 5
Ordeal of Fire Title.png
Television Episode
Director Howard E. Baker
Producer(s) Joshua R. Wexler, Kristy Scanlan
Writer Sean Catherine Derek
Starring John Schneider, Eric Christian Olsen, Dee Bradley Baker
Channel Nickelodeon 2
Released April 10, 2011
Runtime 23 minutes

Ordeal of Fire is the fifth episode of the Hero Factory television series. The episode aired on April 10, 2011 on Nickelodeon 2 and was written by Sean Catherine Derek and directed by Howard E. Baker. It was included as a bonus feature on the Savage Planet DVD release in October 2011.


A mining station and refueling depot in Sector 51 falls under attack from the Fire Lord, Drilldozer, Nitroblast, and Jetbug. The workers send an alert to Hero Factory. At the Hero Factory, Mr. Makuro is giving his annual keynote address to an assembly of Heroes and reporters. He introduces Julius Nex and Nathan Evo, and explains the new upgrade process. He announces that in two months, when the process is safe, all Heroes will undergo an upgrade. Although the press expresses doubt at the schedule, Mr. Makuro assures them that the current Heroes are still effective at their jobs. Meanwhile, Preston Stormer, William Furno, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge have arrived at the station and are fighting with the attackers. Stormer sends Furno on reconnaissance. The rookie discovers that the villains are drawing power from the fuel. Surge attempts to join Furno, but the team is surprised by Drilldozer emerging from below. The three fire on him, but their attacks have no effect.

The heroes and civilians surrounded

Breez gets the workers into the Drop Ship while Stormer and Surge distract Fire Lord. The villains spot Furno and Jetbug shoots him off of his perch. Fire Lord confronts Stormer and tells him they last met on Tallos 5, though Stormer does not recognize him. Furno fires at the villain but Fire Lord simply absorbs the energy. Stormer orders the team to retreat and they head for the Hero Craft. The villains surround them, cutting off their escape. Surge breaks away and starts destroying fuel cells. The villains go after him, leaving the others free to escape. Furno is reluctant to leave his friend, but Stormer orders him to board the craft. The Heroes depart with the workers, promising to return for Surge.

At the Hero Factory, Stormer demands the upgrade from Mr. Makuro. The founder insists that the process is not yet safe enough for them to receive. When Stormer suggests simply recharging their Hero Cores, Professor Zib points out that even if they go back to the refueling station fully charged, they will be unable to defeat Fire Lord. Mr. Makuro, inspired by Stormer’s determination, relents and tells Zib to prepare the Assembly Tower for the upgrade. Breez is upgraded first, followed by Furno and then Stormer. In virtual training, the three Heroes adjust to their new forms. Though they still feel awkward and are unused to the new features, they return to the refueling station.

Virtual Training

Though initially undetected by the villains, Furno accidentally fires his new weapon, alerting Fire Lord to their presence. The team attacks, with Stormer taking on Fire Lord and Furno and Breez going after Drilldozer and Nitroblast. As they fight, Fire Lord explains to Stormer his ability to siphon power from fuel. Furno receives an alert to “get down” and he and Breez are knocked back by a blast from a ship outside the station, which flies away afterwards. The two activate their weapons, and they become stuck together. Furno requests reinforcements from Zib as Drilldozer bores up from the ground.

Stormer offers to aid Fire Lord in his addiction to the power he gets from fuel, but the villain rejects his offer, holding him over the edge of the station. Drilldozer attacks Furno and Breez, but a Hero Pod falling from the sky distracts him. The Fire Lord is also caught off guard, giving Stormer time to get free of his grip. Furno and Breez, still stuck to each other, fend off Drilldozer. The Hero Pod lands and Nex and Evo emerge from it. Evo meditates and then attacks the three present villains while Nex untangles Furno and Breez. The three join Evo and Stormer in battling the villains.

Breez subdues Drilldozer, while Furno, Nex, and Evo hero-cuff Nitroblast. Fearful of losing his source of power, Fire Lord races inside the station and absorbs more from a large stack of fuel cells. The Heroes follow and fire upon him, but the power-hungry leader absorbs the attacks, knocking all of them down with his own. A ship (the same one that blasted a hole in the wall previously) ejects Jetbug and knocks Fire Lord away from the fuel cells. Stormer subdues Fire Lord and Surge emerges from the ship. Everyone is shocked to see Surge alive, and he explains how he outsmarted Jetbug and took control of the criminal's craft.

File:OoF Surge2.png
Surge at the ceremony honoring him

The team returns to Hero Factory, where Surge is upgraded. Fire Lord is escorted in by Nex and Evo, and Stormer reports he will be helped along with the rest of his henchmen to repair the damage the excessive power absorption has done to them. Surge is commended for his actions in a special ceremony and given his Ice Spear Blaster. Daniela Capricorn reports that with 2.0 upgrades being given to all heroes, the Hero Factory has entered a new era.


Voice Actor Role(s)
John Schneider Preston Stormer
Eric Christian Olsen William Furno
Bryton James Mark Surge
Jean Louisa Kelly Natalie Breez
Tom Kenny Nathan Evo/Jetbug
Jason Canning Julius Nex/Miner
Malcolm McDowell Mr. Makuro
Dee Bradley Baker Fire Lord
Fred Tatasciore Drilldozer
Stephen Stanton Nitroblast
Henry Winkler Professor Nathaniel Zib
Jennifer Coolidge Daniela Capricorn

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