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This article is about the television episode. You may be looking for the comic.

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Episode 6
Television Episode
Director Howard E. Baker
Producer(s) Joshua R. Wexler, Kristy Scanlan
Writer Jesse Peyronel
Starring John Schneider, Eric Christian Olsen, Christopher B. Duncan
Channel Nicktoons
Released September 5, 2011
Runtime 43 minutes

Savage Planet is the sixth episode in the Hero Factory television series. The one-hour episode, which was written by Jesse Peyronel and directed by Howard E. Baker, was originally aired on September 5, 2011 on Nicktoons.


Rookie Hero Rocka responds to a distress call sent by Hero Factory staff member Aldous Witch, who has crash-landed on a protected planet known as Quatros. Rocka arrives on the planet, but only finds Witch's ship. As he comes closer, a Fangz hound confronts him. Rocka battles the hound, but is incapable of defeating it and is eventually knocked unconscious. When Rocka is reported missing, Preston Stormer, William Furno, Julius Nex, Dunkan Bulk, and Jimi Stringer are equipped with animal-based armor and tools and sent to find him.

Upon their arrival, the team discovers that Aldous Witch has transformed into the sinister Witch Doctor by the power of the Quaza and has taken Rocka hostage. Witch's Fangz hound attacks, and the Heroes engage it in battle. The Heroes evade the attacks, but Witch orders them to retreat. Witch Doctor disappears, and the Heroes are unable to get a fix on his location. The Heroes, with the information given by Professor Zib, conclude that the excessive mining of the Quaza has made the planet unstable, destroying it from its core. They find an ancient mine that could be used to instantly transport them to the central mine that leads to the core of the planet. Nex figures that because of its age and lack of use, it would only be able to transport three Heroes. Stormer divides the team into groups, designating the younger members, Furno and Rocka, as the group leaders. Stormer, Rocka, and Bulk enter the teleport, but leave in a reduced size. Furno, Nex, Stringer go through the jungles but are attacked by Scorpio mid-way through. While Furno unsuccessfully tries to defeat the beast, Nex jumps in and throws the Scorpio out of the tree they were on. After recollecting themselves after the battle, the team is confronted by the Scorpio again, but they eventually defeat it and continue their journey.

While Furno's group was in the midst of a battle with Scorpio, Rocka's group arrived at the central mine, where Witch Doctor had been mining the Quaza. They notice that Raw-Jaw is a slave worker for Witch, collecting the Quaza that was mined. Witch abuses the beast and controls its mind with his Skull Staff and the corrupted Quaza spike. Witch Doctor finds the Heroes and traps the shrunken Bulk and Rocka in a box he was using to carry the Quaza stones. Stormer alerts the other group of the incident, and the Heroes meet near the mine. Nex figures out a solution to the shrunken Heroes situation, using his Hero core to activate a mine's powers. Rocka, Stormer, and Bulk enter the mine, letting the power restore the other Heroes' size. After they solve their own problems, the Heroes begin to plan out a way to solve the dying planet's. They begin by freeing the enslaved Raw-Jaw from the corrupted Quaza and Witch Doctor. After a struggle, Stringer succeeds in removing the spike from the ape. The ape, after collecting its thoughts, thanks Stringer for his help.

After more strategic planning, the team confronts the Witch Doctor, ready to battle. Rocka, who has since received a modification giving him larger, more resilient armor and a stronger double-claw combo tool, approaches Witch. The two duel with seemingly even power, but Witch Doctor downs Rocka. As Aldous prepares to finish off Rocka, Stormer breaks his Skull Staff, rendering his powers useless. With assistance from Bulk, Furno flies towards the blimp, rupturing it and causing Quaza to rain down into the planet's core, restoring it to its former stature. After a quick celebration, the team members take custody of Witch and return to the Hero Factory.


Voice Actor Role(s)
John Schneider Preston Stormer
Eric Christian Olsen William Furno
Christopher B. Duncan Dunkan Bulk
Stephen Stanton Jimi Stringer
Tom Kenny Rocka
Jason Canning Julius Nex/Raw-Jaw
Jean Louisa Kelly Waspix
Fred Tatasciore Witch Doctor
Dee Bradley Baker Fangz/Scorpio


The Savage Planet DVD
  • The DVD release for Savage Planet in October 2011 will include Ordeal of Fire as a bonus feature.

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