Episode 6

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This article is about the television episode. You may be looking for the comic.

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Episode 6
Television Episode
Director Howard E. Baker
Producer(s) Joshua R. Wexler, Kristy Scanlan
Writer Jesse Peyronel
Starring John Schneider, Eric Christian Olsen, Christopher B. Duncan
Channel Nicktoons
Released September 5, 2011
Runtime 60 minutes

Savage Planet is the sixth Hero Factory episode of the Hero Factory television series. The one-hour episode, which was written by Jesse Peyronel and directed by Howard E. Baker, was first released on September 5, 2011 on Nicktoons. It, along with Ordeal of Fire, is set to be released on DVD in October 2011.


<spoiler> Hero Factory Hero Rocka flies through space on a Drop Ship, hoping to arrive back in Makuhero City and to relax. However, Professor Nathaniel Zib contacts Rocka, alerting him of a distress call emanating from the jungle planet of Quatros, and orders Rocka to call for backup. However, something on Quatros disrupts Zib's signal, and Rocka disobeys orders, heading to the living planet himself without requesting reinforcements. </spoiler>


Voice Actor Role(s)
John Schneider Preston Stormer
Eric Christian Olsen William Furno
Christopher B. Duncan Dunkan Bulk
Stephen Stanton Jimi Stringer
Tom Kenny Rocka
Jason Canning Julius Nex/Raw-Jaw
Jean Louisa Kelly Waspix
Stephen Stanton Unknown
Fred Tatasciore Witch Doctor
Dee Bradley Baker Fangz/Scorpio


The Savage Planet DVD
  • The DVD release for Savage Planet includes Ordeal of Fire as a bonus feature.

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