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Evo Walker
Battle Machine
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The Evo Walker is a Battle Machine used by Nathan Evo.


Evo Walker using its Goo Shooter

<spoiler>When the Antropolis City construction project workers began disappearing, they called the Hero Factory for assistance. Evo was sent as an advance scout, using his new Evo Walker machine to investigate. Shortly after entering the tunnels made by the construction, Evo encountered a number of Jumpers, who overwhelmed the machine and forced Evo to bail out.</spoiler>


The Evo Walker is a three-legged machine, with a turret design centered around the equipped Goo Shooter. The Evo Walker also features a bulletproof visor and an ejectable cockpit.

Set Information

Set 44015 Evo Walker was released as part of the first half of the Invasion From Below wave. The set contains 51 pieces, 30 of which comprise the actual Evo Walker, while the rest go to the minifigs and accessories. The set contains the shooter pieces seen in many other Hero Factory sets, which fire a piece of ball ammunition when squeezed.


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