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Evo XL Machine
Battle Machine
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The Evo XL Machine is a Battle Machine used by Nathan Evo.


<spoiler>During Mission: Invasion From Below, the [Hero]]es introduced new Battle Machines to combat the swarm of Jumper beasts. Evo, whose previous machine the Evo Walker had been destroyed by the Jumpers, hung back during the initial combat effort to construct a new machine. While putting the finishing touches on his new machine with the Remote Builder, Evo was contacted by William Furno, who was being chased by the massive Splitter Beast. Evo engaged Splitter Beast using the newly constructed Evo XL Machine, combating the Jumper in the construction site. With Furno's help, the Evo XL Machine eventually felled the beast. However, Splitter Beast was revealed to be two creatures, and one recovered and kidnapped Furno, taking him underground.

Evo, in the XL Machine, regrouped with the remaining members of his team and traveled underground to rescue their kidnapped teammates. There they determined that they needed Battle Machines more suited for subterranean exploration, and the Evo XL Machine was discontinued in favor of a newer mech.</spoiler>


The Evo XL Machine is the largest of the Battle Machines, equipped with numerous offensive capabilities. It has an attached missile launcher with four equipped missiles, as well as a Goo Shooter for projectile use. Additional connection points were also included so that it could be loaded with more weapons.[1]

In addition to weapons, the XL Machine features a rotating torso to provide full battle coverage, an ejectable cockpit, and a Canister for capturing Jumpers.

Set Information

Set 44022 Evo XL Machine was included as part of the first half of the Invasion From Below wave, released in early 2014. The set features a ball shooter seen in other Hero Factory sets, as well as a set of flick-fire missiles and transluscent elements. The set includes 193 pieces, 18 of which are used for the Evo mini-robot pilot and two included Jumper beasts.



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