Explaining the Character and Creature Building System

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Explaining the Character and Creature Building System
Featured Animation A combined video of the three parts
Promoting 2011 sets
Creator Unknown
Released April 2, 2011

Explaining the Character and Creature Building System is a three-part series of promotional videos on the Hero Factory website. In the videos, three LEGO set designers show off the new building system used in the Hero Factory sets of early 2011.


Part 1

The first video is introduced as a Hero News Network special report by Professor Nathaniel Zib, who gives a brief description of Alpha 1 Team's defeat at Tanker Station 22. He explains how the new building system for 2.0 heroes was reflected by the new set designs of Hero Factory's partner LEGO. Three set designers introduce themselves to Zib: Cerim Manovi, Christoph Röttjer, and Christoffer Raundahl. The three designers explain how the design team decided to base the new structure on the ball joint for inter-compatibility between parts, and show an assortment of new torso, bone, and cladding elements. Some example creatures made from the new building system are shown, and two torso elements are compared.

Part 2

The second video begins with Cerim demonstrating how the torso and bone elements are assembled into a skeleton, followed by Christoffer demonstrating different ways cladding can be attached. He describes how the more consistent use of ball joints as the connector between different pieces (as well as the redesign of the ball cup) makes building easier. Cerim describes how cladding would be applied differently for different missions, and Christoffer shows how the heads are built from three separate pieces. Christoffer then goes on to show a combiner model made from the Stormer 2.0 and Breez 2.0 sets. He also shows the Fire Lord set to demonstrate how a larger model built using this system varies from a hero model.

Part 3

In the beginning of the third video, Cerim and Christoffer show off three sketch models demonstrating the versatility of the new building system. Cerim then shows how the parts can be decorated with smaller elements. Returning to the third sketch model, Christoffer shows off two more sketch models and shows how parts from all the models are intercompatible. He moves on to describe the Hero Recon Team service and its web-based Hero Creator. He shows the six hero sets released in the first half of 2011 that use the new system. Finally he tells Zib that he hopes the models have turned out just like the real heroes.

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