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Savage Planet TV Fangz.png
Known locations Quatros
Weapons Spears
Conservation status Active
Set number 2233

Fangz are techno-organic pack animals native to the jungle planet Quatros.


Normally hunting in packs, some Fangz hounds were captured by Witch Doctor, and implanted with corrupted Quaza spikes to serve him. He began using them as his bodyguards, and kept several close to him.

When Daniel Rocka arrived on the planet Quatros, he was attacked by a Fangz, though Witch Doctor withdrew the animal, leading Rocka to him. Two more Fangz hounds then attacked and knocked out the rookie Hero.

Rocka, Preston Stormer, and Dunkan Bulk later encountered several Fangz at Witch Doctor's base when they had been shrunk by a transporter. They were able to use the terrain to elude and fend off the hounds, but all excluding Stormer were captured by the Witch Doctor. The Fangz were eventually freed from Witch Doctor's control by the Alpha 1 Team. Before Alpha 1 left the planet, the Fangz returned to see them off, displaying affection towards Rocka.

Abilities and Traits

Set 2233 Fangz

Fangz hounds are very quick and aggressive, capable of bringing down animals bigger than themselves. In a pack, they can bring down almost anything. The sharp spears on their jaws can pierce virtually any material. It is known that they tend to scale trees if they need to.

Set Information

Set 2233 Fangz was released as a box set in mid-2011, along with the other Quatros animals and Witch Doctor. It contains 55 pieces, including four printed armor pieces and three dual-colored Quaza spikes.


  • Dee Bradley Baker provided vocal effects for the Fangz in Savage Planet.
  • Though a Fangz hound appeared as one of the animals to attack the Alpha 1 Team at the end of Comic 6: Savage Planet, it does not appear in the episode or the subsequent Comic, replaced by the Scorpio.


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