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Floater Enforcer Drones

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Floater Enforcer Drones
Movie FEDs.png
Robot Class
Function Law enforcement
Power(s) Flight, blasters
Location(s) Outer cities
Status Active

Floater Enforcer Drones, or FEDs, are levitating robots that carry out law enforcement in the outer cities (such as Mekron City).


A number of Floater Enforcer Drones are used by the Mekron City police department. During a lockdown that resulted from a trap set by Meltdown, a number of them were ordered to attack the Heroes Preston Stormer, William Furno, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge (who were lured to the location by a distress call made to the Hero Factory Call Center). The four heroes used their weapons to incapacitate the drones.


Floater Enforcer Drones have the power of flight. They are equipped with blasters.


  • The Floater Enforcer Drone CGI model was reused for training robots in Ordeal of Fire.