Flyer Beast

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Flyer Beast
44020 Flyer Beast Art.png
Known locations Antropolis City
Weapons Poison claws
Conservation status Extinct
Set number 44020

The Flyer Beasts were a type of mutated Jumper Beast.


Breez riding Flyer Beast

A Flyer Beast journeyed to the surface of Antropolis City after the construction work of the workers disturbed the nest of his brethren. Upon reaching the surface, the Flyer Beast was confronted by Natalie Breez, who used her jet boots and Fire Chain to wrangle the beast in an aerial battle. Though she was eventually bucked off, and Breez managed to use her Fire Chain to trap the creature on top of a building. What happened to the Flyer Beast afterwards is unknown, but it is most likely that it was wiped out after the invasion.

Abilities and Traits

The Flyer Beasts were male Jumpers which possessed large, skeletal wings which allowed them to fly at great speeds. The creatures also bore poisonous claws.


After emerging into Antropolis City, a Flyer Beast grabbed a radio station antenna from a building, which could be used to locate Antropolis City inhabitants and for melee combat.

Set Information

44020 Flyer Beast set

Set 44020 Flyer Beast vs. Breez was included in the first half of the Invasion From Below wave, released in the beginning of 2014. The set contains 91 pieces, 79 of which are used to build the actual beast, while 12 are used for Breez and her weapon.


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