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Furno Bike
Comic Furno Bike.png
User(s) William Furno
Status Unknown

The Furno Bike (originally known as the Blaze Bike[1]) is a vehicle used by William Furno on various missions.


Furno riding the Furno Bike

The cycle was created as an experiment[2] by the Hero Factory labs, then called the Blaze Bike. Once Alpha 1 Team member William Furno began using it, it was renamed to the Furno Bike. When training in the Training Sphere, Furno would use the bike as practice. He brought the cycle on a training mission with Preston Stormer, which ended up going to the Lemus 2 planetoid to face XPlode and Rotor. On the bike, Furno was too fast for the criminal's Meteor Blaster shots, and he successfully defeated the villains, and captured Rotor.

Later, when Stormer was infected with nanobots by Meltdown and fled into Makuhero City, Furno trailed Stormer to a billboard on the Furno Bike.

At some point, Furno used the bike to help Dunkan Bulk challenge Vapor.[3]


The Furno Bike is equipped with dual plasma blasters, and was built with a nucleonic engine.[1][2] It is incredibly fast, and can be summoned to Furno by an ultrasonic signal.[4]

Set Information

Set 7158 Furno Bike, without Furno

Set 7158 Furno Bike was released in 2010, including a slightly modified William Furno. It used 150 of the set's 165 pieces. The two plasma blasters fired spherical ammunition when squeezed.


  • Since the Furno Bike was a success with Furno, Hero Factory has been considering a cycle-based team for the future.[2]
  • In early Hero Factory media the bike was called the "Blaze Bike", as Furno's name was originally "William Blaze". The name Blaze Bike was later incorporated into the canon in Face Off: Makuro's Secret Guidebook.



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