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#REDIRECT [[Gallery:Villains#Brains]]
File:Brain.jpg|A Brain
File:CGI Frost Beast Brain.png|Frost Beast's Brain
File:Black Brain Art.jpg|A black Brain
File:TV Brains in Space.png|The Brains traveling through space
File:TV Brains Arriving.png|The Brains arriving on the [[Makuhero Planet]]
File:TV Red Brain.png|A Brain as it appears in the [[Television Episodes]]
File:TV Visor in Use.png|Brain-creatures invading Makuhero City
File:40084 Accessory Pack.png|40084 Accessory Pack
File:44001 Pyrox Art.jpg|Pyrox
File:44001 Pyrox.jpg|Set 44001 Pyrox
File:TV Brain Attack Pyrox.png|Pyrox in the [[Television Episodes]]
File:Club May-June 2013 Brain Attack.jpg|Pyrox on the LEGO Club magazine
File:CGI Pyrox.jpg|Pyrox|Pyrox
File:44005 Bruizer Art.jpg|Bruizer
File:44005 Bruizer.jpg|Set 44001 Bruizer
File:TV Bruizer.png|Bruizer in the television episodes
File:CGI Bruizer.jpg|Bruizer
File:44007 Ogrum Art.jpg|Ogrum
File:44007 Ogrum.jpg|Set 44007 Ogrum
File:CGI Ogrum.jpg|Ogrum
File:44003 Scarox Art.jpg|Scarox
File:44003 Scarox.jpg|Set 44003 Scarox
File:TV Scarox.png|Scarox in the television episodes
File:CGI Scarox.jpg|Scarox
File:44013 Aquagon Art.jpg|Aquagon
File:44013 Aquagon.jpg|Set 44013 Aquagon
File:TV Aquagon.png|Aquagon in the television episodes
==Frost Beast==
File:44011 Frost Beast Art.jpg|Frost Beast
File:44011 Frost Beast.jpg|Set 440011 Frost Beast
File:TV Frost Beast.png|Frost Beast in the television episodes
==Dragon Bolt==
File:44009 Dragon Bolt Art.jpg|Dragon Bolt
File:44009 Dragon Bolt.jpg|Set 44009 Dragon Bolt
File:TV Dragon Bolt.png|Dragon Bolt in the television episodes
File:TV Rocka and Dragon Bolt.png|Dragon Bolt and Rocka
File:TV Brain Attack Dragon Bolt Render.jpg|A render of Dragon Bolt for [[Episode 10]]

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