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<gallery> File:Club Jr September-October 2010.jpg|Club Jr. September-October 2010 cover File:Club September-October 2010.jpg|Club September-October 2010 cover File:Club Jr. March-April 2011.png|Club Jr. March-April 2011 cover File:Club March-April 2011.jpg|Club March-April 2011 cover File:Club UK July-August 2010 Super Showdown.jpg|Showdown scene from the UK Club magazine File:Club January-February 2011 Fire Villains.jpg|Fire Villains in the Club magazine File:Club July-August 2011 Heroes 3.0.jpg|The new 3.0 Heroes File:Club September-October 2011 Witch Doctor Trap.png|Witch Doctor, the Quatros beasts, and a crossword puzzle File:LEGO Mag Rocka Transforming.png|Back cover of the September-October 2011 LEGO Club Magazine

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