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Greg Farshtey
Job Current Comics Author, Chief Editor of the LEGO Magazine
Department Story Team

Greg Todd Farshtey is a LEGO employee and LEGO Magazine's chief editor. As an author he now adapts Sean Catherine Derek's scripts into the Hero Factory comics. He has also written books and comics for LEGO themes such as BIONICLE, Exo-Force, and Ninjago.


Although he spent most of his childhood in Standford, Connecticut, Farshtey was born in New York state. In high school Farshtey began his interest in major writing. He helped produce a weekly satirical newsletter, Lunatic News and World Report as an author and an editor. After he graduated from college, he occupied himself as a sports editor and reporter. Throughout the next seven years, he worked as an author and co-author for more than 35 role-playing game books, and also wrote several short stories and novels.

In late 2000, he started a career with the LEGO Group, writing for LEGO Mania Magazine and the BIONICLE comic series, and eventually became a key figure in the BIONICLE storyline. After the cancellation of the BIONICLE story, Greg continued to write serials for it on

In 2010, his daughter, Alexandria, was born to his then-wife Jackina. He has since become divorced.

Today, Greg writes the Hero Factory comics and Hero Factory Secret Mission chapter books. He has also written books for the LEGO Exo-Force and LEGO Ninjago themes. He is a member of BZPower and this site. On BZPower, he can be contacted using a Personal Message system to be asked questions regarding BIONICLE.


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