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Welcome to the HEROsector01 Community Portal, the center for fun activities, contests, and community here on HS01!

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Here at the Entertainment Hub, we like to periodically host contests to liven things up.

These contests challenge users like yourself to make use of wiki-coding to create amazing pieces such as main page designs, signatures and templates, or create MoC's or images and have your entry competing against other users in a fair environment!

Not only will it be fun and exciting, you can also learn plenty through your interactions with coding, image creation, MoC'ing and more for the contests.


Move Along this way and check out the awesome Image Contest we have set up! Ain't we productive?



We love activities and we know you do too, so here are some fun stuff for you to play around and waste your life on!

Member Opinion Hub

In order to bridge the levitating, fluctuating gap between the members and the staff, the Member Opinion Hub offers a place where members can post suggestions, comments, or ideas.

Articles for Debate

The Articles for Debate is a method by which users can take their opinions on a HEROsector01 Mainspace Article to the public and have the community decide what course of action shall be taken. Items of discussion include, among other possibilities, the creation of a page, deletion of a page, or the renaming or moving or a page.

Bulletin Board

Birthday Buzz 03-06

Nobody has a birthday today =( Sad Day

To sign up your birthday to appear here, post it on the talkpage!

Member Service Center

Got a Service you want people to know about? Make Sigs? Banners? Do other stuff? Advertise it here on the Talk Page of the Community Portal!

Community Portal Staff

Management : Cholie

Staff : Zo;Tomana - KZN02