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We, the people of the HEROsector01 Wiki, hereby promise EVERYTHING on the main article pages are official content, and under no circumstances are any of them falsified. We understand that Wiki sites are usually never trusted, but we are not one of those sources. Below are the terms of our claims.* We promise not a single article is biased, contains falsified material, or fan-created characters. Whatever we have added is the OFFICIAL storyline, from many sources. We, the staff, promise to keep the safety of the Wiki in mind, and not think of personal greeds, such as pride or bragging rights. We have a job to do, and we do it as best as we can within reason. We also promise to promote the Wiki's policy of Non-Bias Editing as much as possible, including no side comments and no bashing of an article simply because the character/item is unlikable to them. We, the Administrators and Moderators of the HS01 Wiki, promise to never become dictator-like, and strictly lock down everything in sight. We will defend this Wiki, our property, any way we can within reason, but if reason dictates otherwise, reason will be tossed out to the wind. Our duty is to protect the Member body, not the Pages. Pages can be reverted, people's interest in this Wiki cannot be so easily. We also promise to uphold the many policies that HS01 Wiki has, and not be afraid of the consequences of such an act. If our actions spawn a Vandalism attack, we will do our best to protect the Wiki and prevent other attacks from forming. We hereby state that all members of the HS01 Wiki are here to maintain the integrity and the seamless beauty of theHS01 Wiki. We promise, under no circumstances, will we ever post any falsified information for non-members and guests alike, simply so we can laugh about it later. The information here is 100% official. The Members of the Staff will now sign their names below the line.


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*To delve deeper into correct information on main articles: Not every single detail will be correct 24/7. Every site has flaws, and for such a site like this one, we must take the risk that someone might edit something wrong, with no one else on to see it. Thus we cannot guarantee for every single detail to be correct every single second of the day, but we can and do guarantee all information to be correct within a reasonable time period. At least until a staff member of the Wiki patrols those changes. Any of the trademarks, service marks, collective marks, design rights, personality rights or similar rights that are mentioned, used or cited in the articles of the HS01 Wiki are the property of their respective owners. Their use here does not imply that you may use them for any other purpose other than for the same or a similar informational use as contemplated by the original authors of these Wikipedia articles under the GFDL licensing scheme. LEGO® and HERO FACTORY® are trademarks of the LEGO Group. All non-LEGO images & contents are copyright Biosector01.com and are not authorized or approved by the LEGO Group.