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"Our core makes us who we are."
Natalie Breez

The Hero Core (also known as the Quaza Core) is what powers a Hero and gives them a personality. Parent Page: Objects

Hero Core
Hero Core.png
Status In use
User(s) Heroes
Functionality Power Heroes, create Hero cells


Furno's core recharging

Hero Cores were developed by Akiyama Makuro using a rare mineral known as Quaza. Hero Cores are placed into every Hero upon creation, and contain the hero's personality and serves as their power source. Hero Factory protocol demands that before leaving on any mission, a Hero must have a fully charged core, because having a low-powered core weakens a Hero and the Hero Core will become worthless if it runs out of power, forcing the Hero with a dead core to have a core transplant.

After successful missions, rookie Heroes receive power charges to their Core, until they receive a final charge.

Heroes upgraded to the 2.0 model were given a newer, more compact model of Hero Core, which remain relatively unchanged despite minor aesthetic differences in the 3.0 modifications and the Breakout armor.

To fight the evil Brains, Hero Core locking clamps were developed, offering enhanced power and protection.


A Hero Cell

Hero Cores are made of Quaza stone. The purity of a Hero Core affects the skills, personality, and ability of the Hero, and a Hero's potential is gradually unlocked with each charge.

Original Hero Cores

All Heroes who have gone through the upgrade now bear an improved, compact model of the Hero Core, which is resistant to temperature change and delivers up to 40% more power. It can be supercharged at will by the users, which allowed William Furno to defeat Jawblade.

Hero Cell

As a last resort, Heroes can link their cores to form a Hero Cell. This forms a protective energy cell around the heroes that prevents any damage from outside. However, it drains the energy out of the cores, thus making its use a risk to the Heroes involved.

Set Information

Hero Cores as they appear in the 2010 Hero sets
Hero Cores as they appear in the 2011 Hero sets

Every Hero appearing in a Hero Factory set includes a Hero Core. Heroes in 2010 Hero sets each included a Hero Core in a transparent color unique to that character, with the exception of the Drop Ship Pilot whose Hero Core was silver.

The Hero 2.0 sets released in the first half of 2011 each included a newer, smaller Hero Core piece in an opaque color matching the color of that hero's face. This version of the Hero Core is also included in any Hero purchased using the Hero Recon Team online application.

Hero 3.0 sets continued using this style of Hero Core, although in new colors for the characters who had not been included in the previous wave.

All 2012 Breakout sets featured redesigned Hero Cores, with two pegs to fit the new chest piece. Unlike previous versions, each Core was colored white, regardless of the set it came with. Engraved on the back of each Core is a code, to be used in the online game Breakout. The amount of game points varied by the size and pricing of the sets: the smallest sets offered 200 points, medium-sized sets offered 300 points, 6203 Black Phantom and 6230 Stormer XL offered 500 points each, and 6231 Speeda Demon offered 900 game points. The villain sets did not actually integrate the core into their build, including it only for the purpose of disseminating points for the game.

The 2013 Brain Attack series used the same Hero Cores as the Breakout series, but the codes were intended for the new online game Brain Attack, and each price point of set offered double the game points of the comparable price point the previous year. Additionally, the Heroes had their cores surrounded by four locking clamps attached to the torso, which could be hinged open or closed. As in 2012, the villain sets included Hero Cores as a means of distributing game points, but these cores were not used in the sets' construction.