Hero Factory Testimonial Video

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Hero Factory Testimonial Video
Featured Animation Hero Factory Testimonial Video
Promoting Hero Factory
Creator Unknown
Released 2010

The Hero Factory Testimonial Video is a live-action advertisement piecing together fictional interviews with people who have been helped by Hero Factory.


An interviewer holds a microphone with the Hero Factory logo for witnesses of monster and villain attacks in various real-world countries, starting with a man in Livingston, England. Each witness tells a different story, and the video switches between clips from the various accounts which describe the monsters and villains witnessed, and how the Heroes arrived to save the day. Many of the eyewitnesses use sound effects to describe the action, and subtitles are provided for witnesses speaking foreign languages or with heavy accents. Finally, title cards appear reading "Wherever you are/whatever your problem", followed by a title card with the Hero Factory logo. The man from Livingston, England reappears and begins shouting at his dog, and a black screen appears with text reading "HeroFactory.LEGO.com"

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