Ice Spear Blaster

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Ice Spear Blaster
Ice Spear Blaster.jpg
Status In use
User(s) Mark Surge
Functionality Long-range combat

The Ice Spear Blaster is a long-range weapon used by Mark Surge. The spears of the blaster are not made of ice but instead they are formed from a frozen mixture of ammonia, methane and chlorine, which all freeze at much lower temperatures than water. A small self-guiding computer with a laser guide rests in the spear's tip, guiding it with accuracy to the target. The blaster can generate a new spear every 0.25 seconds, also making it a rapid-fire weapon. The weapon also includes a climbing hook

Set Information

The Ice Spear Blaster is included in the Surge 2.0 set consisting out of 3 of the set's 30 pieces.