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==Abilities and Traits==
==Abilities and Traits==
Jaw Beasts were two-eyed creatures with a snapping jaws and snatching pincers.
Jaw Beasts were male Jumpers with two eyes, snapping jaws, and snatching pincers.
[[File:44016 Jaw Beast Set Feature.png|thumb|left|150px|Set 44016 Jaw Beast]]
[[File:44016 Jaw Beast Set Feature.png|thumb|left|150px|Set 44016 Jaw Beast]]

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Jaw Beast
44016 Jaw Beast Art.png
Known locations Antropolis City
Weapons Snatching pincers
Conservation status Extinct
Set number 44016

Jaw Beasts were a type of mutated Jumper.


A Jaw Beast attacking Antropolis City

The Jaw Beast was one of the types of mutated Jumpers attacking Antropolis City after the city accidentally uncovered their nesting grounds. During the response by Hero Factory, Mission: Invasion From Below, one Jaw Beast attacked Mark Surge and Dunkan Bulk by breaking a section of an elevated tunnel and throwing it at them. William Furno in his Battle Machine flew in to save his two fellow heroes and engaged the Jaw Beast, but was knocked down and out of his Battle Machine. Daniel Rocka uncloaked his Battle Machine and saved Furno by firing his Goo Shooter at the Jaw Beast.

Meanwhile, another Jaw Beast was wrecking havoc until Preston Stormer confronted it with his machine. Despite being partially frozen by Stormer, the Jaw Beast broke free and broke off the Battle Machine's right arm, only for Stormer to retaliate by grabbing it with his machine's left hand. Later, the Jaw Beast kidnapped Stormer out of his Battle Machine to bring underground.

A Jaw Beast kidnapping Stormer

All of the Jumpers were eventually recalled by the Queen Beast, ending the invasion. All known Jaw Beasts were wiped out, along with most of the Jumper species, at the end of the invasion.

Abilities and Traits

Jaw Beasts were male Jumpers with two eyes, snapping jaws, and snatching pincers.

Set 44016 Jaw Beast

Set Information

Set 44016 Jaw Beast Vs. Stormer was released at the beginning of 2014 as part of the first wave of the Invasion From Below figures. The set is comprised of 49 pieces, 37 of which make up the actual beast; the rest of the pieces go to Stormer and his weapons.


Set 44016 Jaw Beast

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