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"He could never quite remember if Jawblade was another crook or something on the menu in this place."
― Narrator, Legion of Darkness

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TV Jawblade.png
Employer Black Phantom(formerly)
Weapons Magma Blades
Status Imprisoned
Set number 6216

Jawblade is a shark-like villain who had broken out of prison.


Jawblade hailed from the aquatic planet, Scylla. Not much was known about Jawblade before he became a villain.

He frequented a refueling station where Splitface told him about the Hero Factory and how it had captured Voltix, though Jawblade ignored the warning. He later went on a mission with Toxic Reapa, a museum heist; the two entered through sewage channels into an aquarium in the museum. Jawblade stayed in the tank as Toxic Reapa stole the gems, but Jawblade was attacked by the Hero Jimi Stringer and fled as Dunkan Bulk captured Toxic Reapa.

Legion of Darkness

Jawblade was in the station with Thornraxx, Splitface, and Speeda Demon when Black Phantom approached them and asked about forming the Legion of Darkness. Jawblade accepted and became part of the Legion. Once the efforts of other Legion members led to this end of Hero Factory, Black Phantom announced the Legion would then capture the Hero Factory itself. Jawblade was shown maps of water systems leading into Hero Factory by XT4 and memorized the information. Jawblade was dropped by Black Phantom above Makuhero City into the sea, and using XT4's information Jawblade swam until he found the wires powering the external defenses and bit them. Though the voltage shocked him unconscious, Jawblade kept biting the lines, allowing Black Phantom to proceed. He was dragged out and captured after the Legion failed and placed in Asteroid J-54, though he eventually escaped.

At one point, Jawblade encountered the Hero William Furno, who was on a mission. Jawblade stole the Hero's Dual Fire Shooter, and converted it into Magma Blades for his own personal use.

Jawblade was later recaptured by the Hero Factory, and this time jailed in their Storage Facility.


Jawblade on Scylla

When Voltix initiated a breakout of the Hero Factory prison, Jawblade was one of the many prisoners set free. After escaping, he returned to Scylla, with a plan to collect the naturally occurring substance Oxidium. With enough Oxidium, Jawblade intended to harness it as a weapon, but encountered William Furno again on the water planet. Jawblade fought the Hero through the underwater valleys of Scylla, and eventually discovered a chunk of Oxidium on the seafloor. Using it rusted the Hero's armor, rendering him immobile. However, Furno was able to counteract the effects of the Oxidium using the energies of his Hero Core, and resumed the conflict. Jawblade was finally defeated and cuffed by the Hero, and eventually rejailed in the Storage Facility.

Alternate Universes

Reality 11275.6

After Von Nebula's crime syndicate the Citadel took control, Jawblade was given Citadel authorization for most aquatic thefts. He was attempting to rob a cruise when the prime reality Alpha 1 Team told him they had already taken over the boat and they were a new crime syndicate. When Alpha Team requested a meeting with the Citadel, Jawblade was chained and given to Alpha Team to signal them that they could meet the Citadel.

Abilities and Traits

Jawblade is an agile aquatic denizen, with a fierce temper. He is capable of functioning on dry land, but the awkward waddling necessary to do so angers him greatly. He bears powerful crushing jaws, which are his primary mode of attack, and his tailfin can harness jet propulsion to greatly enhance his speed underwater. He is also outfitted with magma spikes, and his fins are razor sharp.


Jawblade carries two Magma Blades, which are weapons he stole from Furno and modified to fit his own use.

Set Information

6216 Jawblade

Set 6216 Jawblade was released in the first half of 2012. Comprising 45 pieces, the set features a moveable jaw and a Hero Core (not used in the model's construction), which provides a game code to use with the latest online game, Breakout. The set can be combined with 6293 Furno to create a combi-model using building instructions from HeroFactory.com.


  • Jawblade was voiced by Steve Wilcox in Breakout.


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