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Jetbug is a criminal who was working under Fire Lord's command, now captured by Hero Factory.


Originally a Mining Robot, Jetbug became insane and joined Fire Lord's team. He developed a record of robbery, assault, arson, and destruction of public property.

Jetbug accompanied the Fire Lord and the rest of his gang to Tanker Station 22, where they engaged the Alpha 1 Team in combat. They easily overpowered the Heroes and trapped them. However, one of their number, Mark Surge, escaped to draw the villains away, allowing his team to retreat. The gang then captured and took Surge prisoner.

After the Heroes returned with upgraded forms, Jetbug piloted a large transport vehicle, using its weapons to attack the Alpha 1 Team. Surge, having escaped during the fight, managed to sneak into the cockpit and throw Jetbug out. Surge used the ship to crash into Fire Lord, and Jetbug was taken into custody along with the other villains.

Jetbug taking off

He has since escaped in the mass Breakout.

Abilities and Traits

Jetbug has the ability to fly extremely fast using jet engines, and is incredibly agile. He is known for his incessant giggling, though this can sometimes be used to locate him. He often uses his pincers in battle, and is armored with heated lava spikes.


While his primary weapons are his claws, which can fire energy beams, Jetbug also carries a Lava Sphere Shooter.

Set Information

Set 2193 Jetbug was released in the first half of 2011. The set contains 63 pieces, including a firing Lava Sphere Shooter.

Set 2193 Jetbug



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