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===Invasion from Below===
===Invasion from Below===
It is unknown what happened to Stringer or if he was even present elsewhere during the Invasion from Below
It is unknown what happened to Stringer, for he was not included in the team during the Invasion from Below.
====Mirror World====
====Mirror World====

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"Stringer has two passions: fighting for justice and music. His smooth, laid-back approach to adventures, cool head, and mastery of every aspect of sound make him a valuable member of Stormer's team."
― Narrator, Hero Factory Promotional Magazine

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Jimi Stringer
Comic 3 Jimi Stringer.png
Hero 1.0
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team
Weapons Sonic Boom Weapon
Status Functional, upgraded
Jimi Stringer Signature.png

Jimi Stringer is a Hero from Hero Factory, and a member of the Alpha 1 Team.



Stringer was created at Hero Factory and became a member of Alpha 1 with Preston Stormer, Von Ness and Dunkan Bulk under the command of Thresher.

Stringer and Bulk arrested Toxic Reapa as he attempted to rob a museum with Jawblade, although the latter escaped.

Legion of Darkness

Stormer was sent with Stringer to go watch over a mining move after Stormer had seen the mission by Thresher on the mission tablet. However, there was no move, but instead an ambush of reprogrammed mining robots prepared to attack the Heroes; however XT4 appeared and saved them, saying he was the new Hero for Alpha 1. As he was brought back to Hero Factory, XT4 quickly turned evil and escaped on a Drop Ship. Stormer and Stringer's Dropship stayed airborne while Von Ness and Bulk went down on Asteroid J-54, where XT4 was engineering a prison break. They became trapped between a mining freighter with its engines rigged to detonate by Splitface and Black Phantom's ship. Black Phantom contacted Stormer and informed him of the Legion of Darkness before Stringer sent the ship toward Black Phantom. The criminal's ship sped off and the explosion from the freighter knocked Stormer and Stringer out. Thresher saved them and brought them back to Hero Factory where it was announced Akiyama Makuro was closing the Hero Factory. Stringer, Bulk, and Von Ness left but were recalled by Stormer. They arrived in time to stop Black Phantom and his legion from destroying Hero Factory, rescuing Thresher and Stormer. Due to their success, Makuro re-opened Hero Factory.

At one time the Alpha 1 Team had a mission to investigate the disappearance of Almaak IV after being told of it by officials of Almaak V. Stringer noticed that the moon of Almaak IV had a normal orbit around nothing, and used this information to reveal that the planet was being cloaked by members of Almaak V's government. Almaak IV was uncloaked, and those behind the scheme were arrested by the Hero Factory.

Another time, Stringer was dispatched to a freighter whose crew had gone in sleep mode. There he saw Core Hunter was on the ship, but they were both attacked by an extremely powerful winged creature. They were forced to band together to try and defeat it, but realized it only wanted to escape. Stringer navigated the creature through the airlock system while Core Hunter controlled it; however, the villain left Stringer to die in space. The creature saved Stringer and threw him in Core Hunter's ship, and Core Hunter left in Stringer's. However due to the Hero tracking chip in Stringer's vehicle, the ship piloted Core Hunter straight to Makuhero City where he was jailed.

Rise of the Rookies

Trials of Furno

Stringer, along with Stormer, Bulk, and one of Alpha 1's new rookies, William Furno, was sent to guard a C-4000 shipment to Merak 9. However, the criminals XPlode and Rotor arrived and the team engaged them. Although they succeeded in protecting the explosives, both criminals escaped. Stringer later went with Bulk and rookies Mark Surge and Natalie Breez to Lemus 2 to repair the damage caused by a following battle with XPlode and Rotor, which had ended in Rotor's capture.

Core Crisis

Stringer, Bulk, Surge, and Breez were called to Tantalus 5 to battle Corroder. While Breez evacuated the civilians, Stringer and the others held off the villain. During the battle, Corroder caused a pile of girders to fall, pinning Bulk beneath them. Stringer distracted Corroder while Surge attempted to free Bulk. Knowing that reinforcements would not arrive in time, Stringer suggested creating a Hero Cell, which Stormer, watching from Hero Factory, initially refused. However, they were forced to create one in order to survive. They were saved by Furno, and Corroder fled the scene.

The Enemy Within

Returning to the Hero Factory after they encountered Meltdown, the rookies brought Stormer in infected with nanobots. The nanobots soon took over, and Stringer, Bulk, and Furno failed to stop Stormer from escaping the building. Stringer and the other Alpha 1 members went to find the cure for the nanobots on Lunar Tratix while Furno pursued Stormer. After encountering a Tratix Reptoid, the Heroes were able to find the cure, and returned to Makuhero City to administer it to Stormer.

Von Nebula

Stringer and Bulk using particle separators

Stringer was called in with Bulk and Stormer to New Stellac City, where they encountered Thunder and Corroder. The rookie team arrived to aid them, at which point XPlode and Meltdown joined the fight. A black hole appeared over the city and stripped the Heroes of their weapons. Von Nebula revealed himself from within the vortex, and Stormer and Furno followed the criminal mastermind into it, leaving the other Heroes to deal with his underlings. Stringer and the other Heroes hid until the criminals ran out of ammunition and then retaliated. XPlode fired his Explosive Spikes as a last resort, but the Heroes survived using their new Particle Separators. Stringer and Bulk then wrapped the henchbots in metal bonds and, upon Stormer and Furno's return from the black hole, escorted them to Hero Factory.

Stringer was eventually upgraded to the 2.0 standard after it was perfected.

Savage Planet

Stringer receiving armor upgrades to 3.0

In order to travel to the planet Quatros and assist their missing ally Daniel Rocka, Stringer received an enhancement based on the attributes of animals. When the team approached the planet, they noticed that it had changed in appearance, and Stringer theorized to Stormer that someone must be illegally mining Quaza, which the planet reacts to. Upon landing, Stormer found an injured Rocka, who told him that Witch Doctor was responsible. Furno went after Witch Doctor, and Stringer and Julius Nex went to catch up to him. The three then encountered a group of jungle animals under the control of the Witch Doctor, though they were soon called away. Alpha 1 eventually came across a teleportation bridge capable of taking them to the Witch Doctor's mining site, though the bridge could only take three at a time. Stormer put Furno and Rocka each in charge of a three Hero unit, and Stringer went with Furno and Nex on the longer way around. Along the way, they encountered a Scorpio and a Waspix. They managed to free the Waspix from Witch Doctor's influence, but the Scorpio chased them all the way to the mining site. There, they rescued the other unit, which had been shrunk by the effects of the teleportation bridge, and restored them to size. Stringer freed the Raw-Jaw, Witch Doctor's Quaza miner, from his corrupted Quaza spike, and then began working with Bulk to liberate the Fangz hounds. Witch Doctor was eventually defeated and apprehended, and the Quaza was restored to the planet.


While Furno and Rocka were placing Voltix into a containment cell, the villain incited a mass breakout of the Hero Factory. Stringer, along with other members of Alpha 1, attempted to quell the escape, but were all overpowered. As part of the recapture effort, Stringer was given an armor upgrade, and assigned to recapture Voltix.

Stringer searching for Voltix

Stringer tracked the villain to the Tansari VI power collection array, which Voltix was using to create a superweapon for his own personal use. The upgraded Hero Cuffs Stringer held were disabled by Voltix, preventing an automatic capture, and lost in the thick mist that covered the area. Voltix eventually gained the upper hand in their fight, but Stringer inadvertently found his Hero Cuffs, and was able to use them in a manual capture. Shortly after, Stringer was assaulted by another escaped convict, Core Hunter, although Core Hunter was soon chased off by Stringer's Alpha 1 teammate, Bulk. Returning to the Hero Factory, Stringer discovered that the climactic battle with Black Phantom had already occurred, and that the Heroes were ultimately victorious.

The Doom Box

Stringer was recalled with the rest of Alpha 1 to stop Core Hunter from assembling the Doom Box. After reviewing Bulk's, Stormer's, and Stringer's mission logs, Alpha 1 was dispatched to probable locations of the Doom Box fragments. Surge and Stringer were sent to the freighter where Stringer had battled Core Hunter right before his capture by Hero Factory, as the villain had supposedly hidden the fragment in the ship's cargo hold. Navigating the ship, they were attacked by Core Hunter's many minions, and Stringer was pinned down. However, the other Heroes arrived and saved Stringer, and they all confronted the villain. Surge shocked Core Hunter, causing the villain to spasm and accidentally reform the Doom Box, but Arctur arrived, shattered it again, and teleported Core Hunter to the only place he could actually reform the Doom Box. Arctur explained that Core Hunter has to activate the Doom Box for it to be destroyed, as then the villain's Hero Core Remover Tool could absorb the energies. The Heroes and Arctur then confronted Core Hunter at the Doom Box's forging site. Stormer manipulated Core Hunter into activating the Doom Box, and Breez then used Core Hunter's weapon to absorb the Doom Box's energies. This ended the Doom Box's threat, but gave Core Hunter unlimited power. Core Hunter defeated Stringer and the other Heroes save Surge, who reflected the Doom Box's energy at Core Hunter. This caused the villain's body to fold in on itself, and he vanished. After the Heroes returned to Hero Factory, the Doom Box was locked away, and Stringer continued to round up villains.

Brain Attack

Robot Rampage

After the Breakout, Stringer was sent to investigate the disappearance of the communications lines on Tranquis VII in a that required radio silence. However, when Stringer arrived, he was attacked by a pack of Brain, and his Drop Ship was destroyed. Stringer was forced to flee to a communication tower and managed to send Furno a distress signal before the Brains captured and possessed him.

Controlled by a Brain, Stringer became the only fully functioning robot as the native robots to Tranquis VII had a partial resistance to the Brains. When Bulk and Furno arrived, Stringer surrounded them, but was interrupted by Karter, saving the two Heroes. To ensure the success of his army, Stringer contacted Stormer asking for more Heroes for backup, with the intent of turning them into a capable battle force, and went to investigate Karter's faction. Furno attacked Stringer, who offered to make Furno a public face for the new empire of the Brains, but was turned down. Furno was able overpower Stringer, and apprehended controlled Hero with Stringer's cuffs. The Brain decided to force Stringer commit suicide as a result setback, having him jump out of the tower. He was saved by a tractor beam of a Drop Ship controlled by Stormer, and Furno knocked the Brain off him.

Furno and the recuperated Stringer then arrived to the location of Project Sunstorm to stop Brains from using it, and they saw that the Brains were about to activate it. Bulk saved them by throwing an EMP, shocking the Brains and defeating them. After Brains were cleaned up from Tranquis, Stormer and Stringer went to the Hero Factory and discussed about the situation. Recognizing a conspiracy and somebody directing the Brains as distinct threats, Stormer decided to focus on the Brains, showing Stringer a new power source for Hero Cores.

Invasion from Below

It is unknown what happened to Stringer, for he was not included in the team during the Invasion from Below.

Mirror World

Stringer was forced to submit to lengthy debriefings as a result of the Tranquis VII mission, and was not chosen for the guard assignment that resulted in several Alpha 1 members encountering a parallel universe.

Alternate Universes

Reality 11275.6

Jimi Stringer was part of Alpha Team until it was defeated by Black Phantom. He was imprisoned in the Citadel, Von Nebula's crime syndicate. He was good friends with William Furno, and also managed to hide a communicator. After the Heroes had been freed by their main reality counterparts, Brains invaded the Citadel seeking the Alpha 1 Team of the prime universe. Jimi gave the communicator to William and Preston received the transmission, shocking Furno. Alpha Team was re-formed and they stormed the Citadel and fought with Brains and criminals alike, and defeated them.

Abilities and Traits

Jimi Stringer enjoys fighting for the Hero Factory cause, but is very laid-back, and cool under pressure during missions. This attitude occasionally annoys his teammates, but helps him in dealing with the stressful situations they get into. Unlike the other members of the Alpha 1 Team, Stringer likes working with rookie Heroes.

Stringer has a passion for music, and applies his casual, philosophical attitude about fighting toward lyric composition as well.

Armor and Weapons

Stringer carried a Sonic Boom Weapon, which helped him use his love for music as a fighting style. He continued to use this weapon in his 2.0 form.

Stringer was upgraded to a 2.0 form with the mass change initiated by the Hero Factory; he was also briefly upgraded to 3.0, along with other members of Alpha 1, with animal armor based on attributes of the black bear. When he received his upgrade to 3.0 form, Stringer carried a triple-bladed bear claw, with a built-in plasma blaster.

After the mass breakout at Hero Factory, Stringer was given new armor specially designed to counter the criminal Voltix, including speakers built into his armor designed to disrupt the path and intensity of the villain's electric weapons. Stringer was also given a Sonic Blaster weapon.

Set Information

Set 7170 Jimi Stringer was released in mid-2010 as part of the original Hero line, which also included Bulk, Stormer, Surge, Furno, and Breez. Stringer contained 17 pieces.

Set 7170 Jimi Stringer

Stringer was released again in mid-2011 as set 2183 Stringer 3.0. This set contained 30 pieces including a transparent green armor piece printed with the name Stringer 3.0 and a bear pattern. A combination model could be built using parts from Stringer 3.0 and Nex 3.0, based on building instructions provided on the Hero Factory website. The canister for this set includes a code underneath the lid which can be used to unlock online Hero Factory content.

Set 6282 Stringer was released in later 2012 as part of the second Hero Factory "Breakout" wave. The Hero Core contained in the set has a printed code on the back for use with the Breakout online game.



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