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*[[wikipedia:Stephen Stanton|Stephen Stanton]] voiced Jimi Stringer in the [[Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies|''Rise of the Rookies'']] miniseries.
*[[wikipedia:Stephen Stanton|Stephen Stanton]] voiced Jimi Stringer in the [[Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies|''Rise of the Rookies'']] miniseries.
*Jimi Stringer's nickname in the ''[[Hero Factory Promotional Magazine]]'' is "The Supersonic".
*Jimi Stringer's nickname in the ''[[Hero Factory Promotional Magazine]]'' is "The Supersonic".
*The prototype name for Jimi Stringer was Jimi Riff.  
*The prototype name for Jimi Stringer was Jimi Riff. He is referred to as Riff once in Hero Factory FM.
**Stringer was once referred to as Riff in Hero Factory FM.

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"Let's rock."
― Jimi Stringer, Hero Factory Promotional Magazine

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Jimi Stringer
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Jimi Stringer
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Jimi Stringer is a hero from Hero Factory, and a member of the Alpha 1 Team.


Stringer was created at Hero Factory and became a member of Alpha 1 with Preston Stormer and Dunkan Bulk.

At one time the Alpha 1 Team had a mission to investigate the disappearance of Almaak IV after being told of it by officials of Almaak V. Stringer noticed that the moon of Almaak IV had a normal orbit around nothing, and used this information to reveal that the planet was being cloaked by members of Almaak V's government. Almaak V was uncloaked, and those behind the scheme were arrested by the Hero Factory.

Rise of the Rookies

Trials of Furno

Stringer, along with Stormer, Bulk, and one of Alpha 1's new rookies, William Furno, went to stop XPlode and Rotor from stealing a C-4000 shipment, and although they succeeded, both criminals escaped. Bulk and Stringer later went to Lemus 2 to repair the damage caused by a recent battle with XPlode and Rotor, which ended in Rotor's capture.

Core Crisis

Stringer, Bulk, and Mark Surge went to Tantalus 5 to battle Corroder. Corroder caused a pile of girders to fall, pinning Bulk. Stringer fought Corroder while Surge attempted to free Bulk. Knowing that reinforcements wouldn't arrive in time, Stringer suggested creating a Hero Cell, which Stormer initially refused. However, the three were forced to create one in order to survive. Three were saved by Furno and Natalie Breez, and Corroder fled the scene.

The Enemy Within

Returning to the Hero Factory from a mission, the rookies brought Stormer in infected with nanobots, after they encountered Meltdown. The nanobots took over, and Stringer, Bulk, and Furno failed to stop Stormer from escaping the building. Stringer and the other Heroes went to find the cure for the nanobots on Lunar Tratix while Furno pursued Stormer. After encountering a Tratix Reptoid, the Heroes were able to find a cure, and returned to Makuhero City to administer it to Stormer.

Von Nebula

Stringer and Bulk using particle separators

Stringer was called in with Bulk and Stormer to New Stellac City, where they encountered Thunder, and soon Corroder, Meltdown, and XPlode as well. Held back by the onslaught, the team waited until the rookies arrived. Von Nebula spoke to them from a black hole, and Stormer and Furno were sucked into it, leaving the other Heroes to deal with his underlings. The criminals eventually ran out of ammunition and were defeated by the Heroes. Stringer wrapped them in metal bonds, and they were sent to Hero Factory.

Stringer was eventually upgraded to the 2.0 standard after it was perfected.

Savage Planet

In order to travel to the planet Quatros and assist their missing ally Rocka, Stringer received an upgrade based on the attributes of the Earth animals. When the team approached the planet, they noticed that it had changed in appearance, and Stringer theorized to Stormer that someone must be illegally mining Quaza, which the planet reacts to. Upon landing, Stormer found an injured Rocka, who told him that Witch Doctor was responsible. Furno went after Witch Doctor, and Stringer and Nex went to catch up to him, and the three encountered a Raw-Jaw, a Fangz, and a Waspix that Witch Doctor sent to attack the Heroes.

Abilities and Traits

Jimi Stringer enjoys fighting for the Hero Factory cause, but is very laid-back, and cool under pressure during missions. This attitude occasionally annoys his teammates, but helps him in dealing with the stressful situations they get into. Unlike the other members of the Alpha 1 Team, Stringer likes working with rookie heroes.

Stringer has a passion for music, and applies his casual, philosophical attitude about fighting toward lyric writing as well.

Set 7170 Jimi Stringer

Stringer has been upgraded to 3.0, along with other members of Alpha 1, with new animal armor based on the tiger and the black bear.


Stringer carried a Sonic Boom Weapon, which helped him use his love for music as a fighting style.

After receiving an upgrade to 3.0 form, Stringer now carries a triple-bladed bear claw.

Set Information

Set 7170 Jimi Stringer was released in mid-2010 as part of the original Hero line, which also included Bulk, Stormer, Surge, Furno, and Breez. Stringer contained 17 pieces.

Stringer was released again in mid-2011 as set 2183 Stringer 3.0. This set contained 30 pieces including a transparent green armor piece printed with the name Stringer 3.0 and a bear pattern. A combination model could be built using parts from Stringer 3.0 and Nex 3.0, based on building instructions provided on the Hero Factory website. The canister for this set includes a code underneath the lid which can be used to unlock online Hero Factory content.



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